• Learn how to get paid BITCOIN by mining, faucets, promos, etc... FREE.

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    A real, in-depth and factual review of everything I've ever tried regarding crypto and making money off it. Without trading. I started this site because I got sick of getting rekt in the bear market and wanted to see if there was a way to make passive and even GOOD income if you have the patience and effort to see it through. I'm not there, yet... but I I'm positive this will be profitable in the long-term... especially after BTC goes parabolic, again. This time, it will not be fueled by PURE speculation.

    I used to trade every day but now I'm barely trading once a week. I do it when I should, not when I want to. When I do, I'm doing it with satoshis I earned for FREE. It helps me both ways. I'm doing this to track and record my results to find the most lucrative opportunities, slowly stacking up cryptos while I sleep and while I'm not.

    This isn't a membership/subscription fee-based website, it's 100% free. There are so many ways for newbies to get their feet wet and start earning free crypto but they don't, for many reasons. We're bridging the gap and documenting the process/results to PROVE you can EARN it... if you're willing to plan & work for it. NO ONE is going to do it for you. If you're expecting hand-outs, you'll be wasting your time. If however, you WANT to stack free cryptos, from home, for FREE... let's get to work and treat it like work. You could check out your options on the website (when it's complete) and research my findings and make your own decisions. Maybe the faucets aren't your thing but you could easily mine on one of your 2 or 3+ laptops/computers in your home. The only thing stopping you is knowledge, confidence and then the motivation to download the installer. Maybe you have a bigger reach on social media than most. Maybe you're on 6 platforms, sounds like you'd be perfect for all types of referral programs that pay BIG. It's all dependant on your lifestyle and how your life is set up in terms of free hours, your resources and most importantly, the amount of work YOU are willing to put in. You don't just get to the top earning big, you gotta put in the clicks, the days, the weeks and months to get those loyalty bonuses to mean something substancial. This is will take patience and a gameplan but YOU CANNOT LOSE MONEY with this this method. You can't even waste time TBH because you're working towards a goal... so while it doesn't feel productive, with consistency... it will become more and more obvious with time and bonuses that need time to be cleared and for your network to grow.

    A lot of experimenting will take place as I gain more data but rest assured, this website will always be updated, daily and with important and relevant information... not to mention profitable!

    2019 is going to be amazing for me personally, even during this bear market. I'm investing time and effort for more BTC. I used to risk my assets... until I found that by adding a few different sources to your daily routine, in a few months and a few years, you'll have a nice amount of crypto for systematically investing five or ten+ minutes a day when you can afford it.

    How many time do you spend playing games on the PC or TV? What about watching TV/movies? If you put 10% of that time, daily... you'd be floored at the bottom line in a year from now. Small blocks of your time, BUT done consistently, will sky-rocket your loyalty points. Referrals will take longer w/o a proper set up so that is the most important factor... at least for a while. Everything I speak of will ALWAYS have proof posted on the website. BEFORE someone can even ask me for it. I expect many to be skeptical and I don't blame them... I was one, myself.

    Personal in-depth reviews, strategies, instructions, tips, news + everything Bitcoin & crypto.

    earnBTC4free.com (this site is still under construction) will be operational by mid-February, at the latest. Each video will complete with spreadsheets and screenshots w/ markings to teach you the shortcuts so WE can both earn more and faster. If you're not willing to earn it, this isn't for you. If you are, learn what you need to first and let's get this bitcoin before it hits 10K again! I want to be set by the time it moons.

    Any questions, comments, ideas, concerns, business proposals - please contact webmaster@earnBTC4free.com.

    This requires NO money to earn crypto. Just an internet connection, a computer/mobile device, time + being motivated to work your way up from the low-tiered reward levels to the is all you need to start earning crypto that hour!

    There is no risk for you to check out the website when it's complete, and trying it for yourself. I will not charge anyone a penny for anything and you aren't paying for the crypto (it's FREE... in terms of dollars, but your will have to EARN it with clicks and captchas... it's SO easy).

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