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    Over the last few months, I've been working on a covers album for my best friends birthday, covering some of her favorite songs, the special ones that remind me of her. I gave it my absolute best. Before I knew it I had 15+ musicians rallying for the cause and a 40 piece choir. She rocks my world and it was time for me to rock hers.

    Then I saw what happened in Paris, and the subsequent call to action by The Eagles of Death Metal. It seems like these kinds of senseless acts of hatred are happening all around us at an alarming rate and the best way to respond is with love.

    Here are excerpts from The Eagles of Death Metal call to action:

    Hello talented friend, The senseless and violent terrorist attacks of Nov. 13, 2015 in Paris have left us all unsettled and we dare not give another second of precious time to those who have tried to steal our freedoms and take away our power.

    Instead, we are writing to ask for your help to Play It Forward.

    We are calling upon our friends to donate their time, talent and good will in a show of solidarity to help the victims of these atrocious acts in Paris and those affected by terrorism worldwide.

    We are asking for you to cover our song "I Love You All The Time." For every cover sold, we pledge to donate 100% of the publishing income to The Sweet Stuff Foundation. We ask that you also donate the money generated from sales of the song to the charity.

    In the same spirit, we would encourage you to offer one of your songs up to be covered by another artist, and follow suit - donate the publishing monies to charity - The Play it Forward Initiative.

    In the event our song doesn't float your boat, we encourage you to help unite our business by any means possible. If you're drawing a blank, donate something of yours or the proceeds from one of your songs, as Duran Duran has so graciously done. But do join us help & heal through music. They attacked us all, please hear the call.

    Thank you for your time & love to you all,

    -Eagles of Death Metal"

    We all want to make a difference, to be of use, to help in the areas we are able. I make music.
    I made this music as a selfless act of love. I am responding to this situation in the same way but on a larger scale.

    I see an amazing opportunity here. Imagine if EVERYONE did this with all the cover songs that are out there already in times of need like this and in REAL TIME. On YouTube, on iTunes... everywhere!

    Here's the deal. When you make a cover, there are at least 4 main components where funds are distributed:

    1. The original songwriter
    2. The artist who created it
    3. The publisher / label
    4. The distributor (iTunes / YouTube)

    I think in situations like this, somethings got to give.

    - The gatekeepers can afford to give their share OR match.
    - The awesome people that still buy music are still buying to support, in this case, the artist.
    - I have a feeling the labels and publishers could spare a cut as well considering they are just collecting money from an artist covering another artist!

    - I am calling on the gatekeepers to consider this idea and apply it in the ways they are able.
    - I am calling on all the indie artists out there to cover the songs you love the most and give the profits to charity.
    - For the major artists being covered, support the indie artists by promoting your favorite covers, that way we can truly make an impact. Consider using the money you get from it to support causes you care about.

    I am calling this #TheCoversProject.

    Your support here is going towards the songs I'm working on. I have a growing network of musicians all over the world I am working with, along with a choir and a couple of recording studios who all need to be compensated for their ongoing efforts on this, along with mixing, mastering, licensing and distribution costs.

    Profits from these songs are going to a variety of charities on a song by song basis, starting with The Sweet Stuff Foundation.
    I will be sending these covers to the artists who wrote them to do what they wish with them, hopefully to support causes they care about...

    Time to rock the world.


    This clip features excerpts of "Time" (Hans Zimmer Cover) and "Varðeldur" (Sigur Rós Cover) Show less
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