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    When your vehicle is stolen, OnStar can help. Stolen Vehicle Slowdown can help get your vehicle back quicker and safer. To learn more, visit: https://www.onstar.com/us/e...... #BeSafeOutThere Show less
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    Accidents happen. And when they do, the last thing you want, is to be alone. If you have OnStar, help is never far away. Learn more at: https://www.onstar.com/us/en/be-safe-out-there/ #BeSafeOutThere
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  • OnStar Gives Back: Honoring Houston's Heroes Play all

    Honoring Houston’s Heroes

    Natural disasters are more frequent and more devastating than ever. It’s a fact the resilient residents of Houston, Texas, know all too well. But they’ll also tell you the power of community endures. Residents say they were inspired by what they witnessed after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in August 2017. They say neighbors and strangers worked together to make it through the storm. They say first responders were heroes. They say the city is stronger now.

    During Harvey, OnStar worked* closely with the American Red Cross* and first responders to get people the help they needed by answering more than 310,000 emergency relief calls. After witnessing the strength and spirit of people affected by natural disasters like Harvey, OnStar created #OnStarGivesBack to celebrate community resilience. Because when the unexpected happens, OnStar Advisors are ready to help.

    Read the full story here: https://www.onstar.com/us/en/honoring-houston-heroes
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    In 2016, unprecedented rains flooded Baton Rouge, sending some residents down to New Orleans for safety. Ten years prior, when Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans, many people sought refuge in Baton Rouge. These cities have proven that the power of collaboration strengthens our resolve and leads to incredible possibilities.

    During those 2016 floods, another kind of collaboration was occurring behind the scenes, as OnStar partnered with the American Red Cross to handle the overflow of crisis calls.

    To celebrate all of these inspirational efforts, OnStar invited street artists from New Orleans and Baton Rouge to come together with the Baton Rouge Youth Coalition (BRYC) and paint a mural in homage to the communities’ resolve.

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  • The Calling: First Responders Series Play all

    OnStar Advisors work with First Responders to save lives every day. But who are these heroes and what drives some of them to work 24-hour shifts doing some of the most dangerous — yet rewarding — jobs in the world?

    Go behind the scenes and learn how firefighters work with dispatchers and OnStar as a courageous, selfless, and tactical team.
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  • OnStar Advisors: Out on the Road, You're Never Alone Play all

    Out on the road, you’re never alone. An OnStar Advisor is there for you, ready to help, 24/7. We believe that no matter how far technology progresses, there’s no substitute for a human connection. That’s why when you push your blue OnStar button, you’ll be connected with a real human being who is ready to assist you. People are at the heart of everything we do.
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  • What OnStar Can Do To Help Keep You Safe & Secure Play all

    With OnStar, help is there when you need it. Once you report your stolen vehicle to OnStar, Advisors can utilize GPS technology to locate your vehicle, alert authorities and, in some cases, remotely slow down your vehicle* so thieves won’t get far.

    Timing is everything in the moments after a collision. If you’re in a crash, built-in sensors can automatically connect an OnStar Advisor to your vehicle — even if you aren’t able to call for help yourself.
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