• A Climate Change Story: He Did It For The Money

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    Climate change and green energy...liberal buzz words meant to scare conservatives, right? But what if I told you it was a Texas republican who is setting the trend on renewable energy? Meet the Mayor of Georgetown, TX...Dale Ross.

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    American Cities That Use 100% Renewable Energy: www.businessinsider.com/the-greenest-american-cities-renewable-energy-2016-8/#san-diego-california-1

    Red States Are Leading the Way In Renewable Energy fortune.com/2016/05/06/red-states-are-leading-the-way-in-renewable-energy/

    Republicans Are Warming Up To Renewable Energy https://www.bloomberg.com/n......

    What Is Green Energy?:

    Even Climate Change Deniers Want To Pursue Renewable Energy gizmodo.com/even-climate-change-deniers-want-to-pursue-renewable-en-1791961259

    How Bad Will Donald Trump Be For Renewable Energy? www.forbes.com/sites/uhenergy/2016/12/01/how-bad-will-donald-trump-be-for-renewable-energy/#3407fbcb40ba


    Donald Trump is President, so now what? My name is @Hyla and this video is the sixth in a series of experimental stories about getting outside the bubble. My goal is to kick it with conservatives, liberals, rich, poor and everyone in-between to figure out what's next.

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