• The Stars

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    It is as important to dream, as it is to face the reality. Most of the time, we are propelled by our dreams in reality to work and strive harder in hopes of achieving our goals. The Stars is a symbolic portrayal of one’s shattered dreams, fears, insecurities and inability to face the harsh reality of life. The lamp that switches on in the front part marks the beginning of the character’s resolution to chase her dream. Yet, time passes by too quickly (represented by the metronome, hourglass). The character tries to shake off her worries and pretends that everything is alright (makeup scene) but eventually surrenders to her fears. The bright scene of the character waiting for someone / something in a flower dress symbolises her waiting for her time to shine. However, the time didn’t come and everything’s over in a blink of an eye (switches to the dark scene of her in a black dress). She falls into a downward spiral of depression as everyone around her have already left. The bubble scene illustrates the character’s denials by deceiving herself to chase a false (easier) dream and the painting signifies her mental state. The film rewinds in the end. She did not actually went back in time but it is just a thought in her head about how the present her would react differently in the past.

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    Film by Ann-Marie Yang
    Art direction by Ann-Marie and Rosemarie Yang
    Set design and Styling by Ann-Marie Yang
    Photography by Rosemarie Yang
    Hair and Makeup by Wong Ying Cui
    Model - Shauna Bennett of Mannequin Singapore
    Music (01:00-02:51) by Ann-Marie Yang

    Instagram: @annmarieyang
    Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/theannmar...
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