• Why You Should Hire A Pro Dom (BDSM Professional Dominant)

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    Welcome to my channel. I'm Jax Solomon, a pro Dom, VIP luxury companion for women, author, and consultant.

    Here are some reasons why you'd hire a Pro Dom (Professional Dominant).

    In the BDSM world, which have existed for centuries has had professional Dominants for as long as it's existed. With the advent of the internet, books, and movies like 50 Shades Of Grey, BDSM has become something of interest for a lot of people and has opened this craving for people, such like yourself, whom are more open to exploring their kinky sexuality.

    (BDSM are acronyms for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism)

    See the full blog post at http://www.jaxsolomon.com/w......

    What I do as a pro Dom is, I facilitate your exploration and experience of your kink or fetish and overall sexuality. With over 10 years of experience in the adult and kink world, you can appreciate the many things you'll learn and discover about yourself in the hand of a professional.

    (Kink is any deviation from the norm - in some places where the only accepted sex position is missionary, ANY other position is kinky!)

    My specialities are tantric awakening (learning to have powerful orgasms), impact (spanking, flogging, caning, slapping, etc.), bondage, role play (i.e. teacher/student, sensei/kohai, boss/employee, etc.), medical, dark tantra, discipline and humiliation.

    Some other activities I enjoy:

    Behavioral Correction, Breath Control, Chastity, Confinement, Corporal Punishment, Cuffs, Dom Worship, Edging, Edge Play, Electro, Feet Torture, Gags, Interrogation, Joint Locks, Large Toys, Martial Arts Discipline, Needle Piercing, Nipples Torture,
    Orgasm Control, Pet Training, Primal, Stretching, Temperature Play, Tickle Torture, Trampling.

    My Hard Limits:

    Scenes involving vomit, scat, race play, permanent body mutilation and switching are NOT of ANY interest to me.

    You can find out more about what I offer at http://Master.jaxsolomon.com

    The top reasons you'd hire a professional Dominant are:

    #1 - Professionalism (Safety, Discretion, Security). I practice RACK: Risk-Aware Consensual Kink. We begin with negotiations of what you're willing to explore and what you're not willing to explore. I will communicate to you what I can offer you with my skills and experience and make sure you're aware of any risks involved and that everything is consensually agreed upon. This is how you know you're safe. Furthermore, as a professional, you can be certain your identity, safety, and security is paramount.

    #2 - A separation from intimacy and kink. As a professional, you don't expect to have involve love and intimacy in the relationship since it is kept strictly professional. This is important especially for those whom have partners they can't explore their sexuality with.

    #3 - Freedom from being judged. As a professional Dom with over a decade of experience, you can probably imagine I've explored and experienced a wide gamut of kinks which makes you comfortable whatever it is you want to explore within your human sexuality will never be looked at as weird or gross.

    #4 - An escape from daily life. I've got clients whom are very powerful business owners and have control all day and would like to be their naturally submissive self and enjoy that with someone who knows what they're doing.

    #5 - Professional skill sets. With a decade of experience, I've acquired a vast range of skillsets.

    #6 - Indulge in REAL roleplay and fantasy play with someone who's well-experienced and such as myself whom have a strong grasp on psychology (my background is a mastery in neuro-linguistics).

    To see more about what I offer, go to http://Master.jaxsolomon.com

    Go ahead and share your thoughts on this in the comments below.

    Instagram: solomon.jax
    Facebook: http://fb.me/solomonjax
    Website/Blog: http://jaxsolomon.com

    GET MY BOOK ON SEX & RELATIONSHIPS: http://book.jaxsolomon.com

    PAY TRIBUTE: http://tribute.jaxsolomon.com

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      Instagram: solomon.jax
      Facebook: http://fb.me/solomonjax
      Website/Blog: http://jaxsolomon.com
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