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    R-Go Tools designs, produces and distributes ergonomic products for desktop computing.

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    When you work intensively with the mouse, you are risking health problems such as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) or CANS (Complaints of Arm, Neck and/or Shoulder). Due to repetitive movements, small muscles and tendons become overstrained also the lack of exercise reduces the blood flow from your neck and shoulders. When you work with a standard mouse, your hand moves in an unnatural position (turned inward) and you are making small, detrimental movements from the wrist. This may lead to overstrain. That’s why for intensive mouse use an ergonomic mouse is recommended.

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    An ergonomic keyboard helps to prevent computer-related injuries such as RSI. The shape of the keyboard determines your working posture. It is important to type in a relaxed and natural position. Are you right-handed? Use a keyboard without numpad (compact keyboard) or one which it is placed on the left side. This way you don’t have reach for the mouse. A split keyboard design creates a natural and relaxed working posture with straight wrists.

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    Do you have a monitor that is not adjustable in height? A monitor stand is THE solution you were searching for. With a monitor stand you can simply move the monitor to the correct height; with the top of the monitor at eye level. This automatically straightens your posture and relaxes your head and neck muscles into a natural position.

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    Monitor Arms provide more space on your workplace and improve your posture. With a monitor arm you position your display easily at the correct height and distance.

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    Do you regularly have to look at documents while working on the computer? Using a document holder helps to create an ergonomic working posture. You can place your documents in a straight line between your keyboard and display which reduces the strain on your spine and on the neck and shoulder muscles.

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  • Laptop Stands Play all

    Intensive laptop use can quickly lead to physical complaints. To prevent complaints it is recommended to work for a period of maximum 2 hours a day with your laptop. By using a laptop stand and separate keyboard and mouse, you can set the display to the correct height. Creating an ergonomic workplace which helps you to reduce muscle strain in your whole body and therefore optimising performance, safety and comfort. R-Go Tools develops laptop stands for fixed and mobile workplaces. The stands are easily transportable.

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  • Tablet Stands Play all

    Do you use your tablet for two hours a day or longer? Then a tablet stand is of great importance to you. With a tablet stand and a separate keyboard you can work ergonomically and prevent neck and shoulder complaints.

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