• The Bechstein Tapes 2 Play all

    My conversation with 'Mme Bechstein' continues... Six emotive piano pieces, played on my 111 years old Bechstein piano - A gentle conversation with her, creating an intimate miniature in mood.
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    The Bechstein Tapes is a collection of drifting, emotive piano pieces played on his 11 years old Bechstein piano, which he calls 'Mme Bechstein’ - a journey through six stories, each an intimate miniature in mood.
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  • Dimi Remembered Play all

    ‘Dimi Remembered’ is a tribute to cellist Dmitri "Dimi" Levine (1939 - †2015) curated by composer Sebastian Morawietz, who collaborated with him on various projects. This little album features Dimi’s emotional playing on some of Sebastian’s work as well as unreleased ‘unfinished’ material. He sadly passed away shortly after those ‘Rehearsal Sessions’ and Sebastian decided to re-master the original tapes and share his expressive playing with you.
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  • Sympathetic Resonance Play all

    'Sympathetic Resonance' is a collaboration with Russian cellist Dmitri Devine who sadly passed away in January 2015. This EP features six intimate post-classical compositions for Piano and Cello. Please share if you like it... . Sebastian.
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  • Eye Opener Play all

    'Eye Opener’ is one of my most personal and oldest compositions written in a time when I was an aspiring composer questioning my work as a Pop Music Engineer. Searching for meaning. Asking big questions. Getting quiet answers.
    I still remember when I saw in a newspaper a disturbing picture of a sick African baby being breastfed and looking into the camera with wide open eyes. The headline of the article was 'Eye Opener'. It not only touched me but also inspired this work and set me on a new path.
    Over the years I produced some different arrangements of this track, but the first one was for piano and choir.
    At that time I was not able to afford a real ensemble and to get a more genuine and emotional sound, I painstakingly edited hundreds of short choir samples. It took me forever, but I am still very proud of it! :)
    This time I am releasing ‘Eye Opener' with my original choir arrangement but with the piano part re-recorded on my old Bechstein upright.
    Alongside this release, I also recorded an intimate piano-only version of ‘Eye Opener’. Enjoy.
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  • Nocturne 1 & 2 Play all

    My latest release Nocturne 1 & 2 is featuring two fragile and quiet piano pieces. During a late night session, I set up the mics very close to the hammers and prepared my old Bechstein with felt to damp the strings and create a very intimate atmosphere. I never recorded anything quieter than this. I had the image in my mind of a ’sonic midnight pillow', of his fragile and charmingly imperfect sound to dream or gently fall asleep. I hope you will enjoy!

    Piano - Sebastian Morawietz
    Mixing & Mastering - Sebastian Morawietz (Studio 652, Berlin)
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