• Instagram vs YouTube - Travel Parody Dance Battle

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    Time to face the music! Let the dance battle begin! Its FSG Travels VS FSG Travels , Instagram vs YouTube, Funny vs Funny. This video will have laughing your butt off! This is travel parodies like you have never seen them before!

    This YouTube video was made to bring attention to our Instagram.
    We make travel based parodies and all the photos used in this dance battle can be found on there with the FSG Travels parody next to them.

    In this battle we get to see cameo's from people such as :
    Jimbo Shreds ( with his green screen challenge)
    Jimbosh Reds
    These guys are travel Instagram bloggers or funny YouTubers

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    ⚑If you want to learn more about backpacking and FSG Travels check out my other videos and click the 🔔 bell icon to be notified when I come out with a new video!!!

    ♛ MY STORY: If you would like to Know more about me and how I started making funny backpacking and travel videos. You should really check out this book! It's also really good for people that want to know what backpacking Australia is really like. We explain what made me quit the 9-5 and Leave England to travel Australia. I hope to inspire others to travel and make you laugh on every page!

    ♛ Unlike other YouTubers, I actually have other ventures besides my channel!

    Website: https://fsgtravels.com
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/f......
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fa......
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/fsgtravels

    Our mission at FSG Travels is too make funny travel video that backpackers and people of thinking of travelling would enjoy. We do this by making travel parodies on travel how to and travel tip videos. Sometimes we make serious videos giving the best travel tips but this rare. Other times we show the funny side of travelling by showing traveling destinations and travel struggles. If you would love to be a part of this journey, make sure you subscribe.
    #travel #dancebattle #travelparody

    ✔ CREDITS:
    Music- Makeba
    Youtube: Jimboshreds
    Images- Instagrams: Giuliiferro
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