• TOP 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

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    Most expensive dogs in the world. Dog is man´s best friend. But some of them are very expensive. In this video, i will show you TOP 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world.
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    Before i will start with the TOP 10 list, i would love to say, that i support adopting dogs instead of buying. Not only you will make a good deed, but you can save a lot of money and time by adopting dog from shelter. But if you need pedigree dog for some reason (competitions, special training etc.), prepare hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars. Especially for these 10 dog breeds

    10) Akita
    Loyal, dominant but also stubborn. These are three traits, that describes Akita the best. It is a dog from Japan and they cost quite a fortune. Average cost to purchase Akita is around 900 dollars. The sad thing is, that they are prone to health problems, so you will probably pay much more during their life to keep them healthy.

    9) Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
    Half dog, half wolf, Czechoslovakian wolfdog is the youngest breed on this list. They were bred in 1955 in Czechoslovakian military experiment by breeding German Shepherd and Carpathian Wolf. The goal was to bred dog that will be trainable as GSD and strong as a wolf. Czechoslovakian wolfdogs are quiet popular nowadays, but their price is pretty high between 800 and 1 500 dollars.

    8) Saluki
    Noble hunter, Saluki, is fast, graceful and sharp dog, that cost around 1 000 dollars. They need a lot of exercise, so be prepared for that if you buy Saluki. If you are not an active person, this is not the best dog for you.

    7) Rottweiler
    Probably the most popular dog on this list is famous Rottweiler. Average cost of Rottie is around 1 600 dollars. Rottweilers have a lot of great qualities, but their best quality is how good guardians and protectors they are. That is why they are so valuable. But they are also used as police and military dogs.

    6) Azawakh
    5) Pharaoh Hound
    Named by its royal appearance, this dog really looks like it belongs to pharaon. And based on the price of Pharaoh Hound, this is a dog that can be purchased by pharaon or king. Average price of this beautiful dog is 1 800 dollars.

    4) Tibetan Mastiff
    Tibetan Mastiff is often time called as the most expensive dog in the world. And based on average price it is true. Average cost of purchasing a Tibetan Mastiff is 3 000 dollars. If you buy Tibetan Mastiff, prepare to have independent dog, that need strong leader, but also amazing guard and protector.

    3) Chow Chow
    One of the oldest dog breeds of all hails from China. They are very versatile, because in the history, they were used as herders, hunters and guards. Today they are mostly great companions. But you need to pay a lot of money to have Chow Chow companion. The prices vary a lot, from 900 dollars to astronomic 7 500 dollars.

    2) Lowchen
    Nickname of Lowchen is Little Lion. It is true, that lion would cost you little bit more than Lowchen, but you will need to dig deep into your pocket to buy one. If you are lucky, you will find Lowchen for 3 000 dollars, but the price might be much higher, up to 8 000 dollars.

    1) Samoyed
    Beautiful white and odorless dog, Average price of Samoyed is around 1 500 dollars. But if you want to buy showdog, that will win trophies on competitions, prepare much more money. Price for the most expensive Samoyeds can go up to unbelievable 10 000 dollars. That is a lot of money for a dog!

    All the prices can vary in different countries and regions. But these ten dogs are definitely one of the most expensive all over the world. But there are some others, very expensive dogs as well. Tell me in comments, what breed do you have and how much money did you pay for it?

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