• Find your Voice of Success with Lisa Hugo

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    We are all born with an incredible instrument. Some use it more efficiently than others, however, we all have the ability to sound amazing!

    People Make Snap Judgments about you. It only takes 3-5 seconds to develop an idea of what “type” of person you are. This all happens unconsciously and so fast that we’re not aware of the process. But, this is how people form impressions of you in their heads.

    We all do it to some degree!

    In this 3 hour workshop, we will cover the basics of how to start developing control over your voice, how it sounds to others, and how it influences other people’s perceptions of you.
    Learn about the 5 building blocks of Voice. Pitch, Pace, Melody, Tone and Volume.

    Did you know your tone, your pitch, your speech patterns, your pace, could be really annoying people and making them switch off when you speak?

    Find out about the different types of voices and discover what type of voice you have. I categorize them into the nasal librarian, the breathy actress, the squeaky hinge, the boxer, the boring monotone, the excited girl, the depressed world will end voice.

    You will discover which voice type you have, and get tips on how to correct it.

    We’ll also learn about the 3 voices that you have as part of your instrument, yet most people are not using them all. Chest Voice, Head Voice and Middle or Mix Voice. Learn how to access all of these.

    I’m going to teach you how to breathe, to support your vocal function. This is the most important tool you will learn! Breathing is almost 50% of good vocal production. It’s like the foundations of a house and if the foundations are not stable, everything else will crumble, or you will try to compensate by holding the voice up with the wrong structures or muscles.

    Gaining control over your breath and using it as a support for the voice will help you to speak longer, with more volume, more richness and without ever feeling tired or husky again.

    This workshop covers the fundamentals of improving how you sound. Show less
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