Are you "mad keen" about fishing? So are we.
Are you "mad keen" about fishing? So are we.

Since 1997, Mad Keen has been providing passionate fishermen like you with original, quality, niche fishing clothes and merchandise. Our large range of designs caters to anglers of all ages, but every Mad Keen product has one thing in common: it's created for mad keen fishermen, by mad keen fishermen.

A Fishing Passion

We all know that anglers are passionate people. When it comes to fishing, we live it, breathe it, and love it. That passion is infused in the Mad Keen brand.

Mad Keen is owned and run by a family of avid fishermen, with five fishing-crazy sons. We have combined our love for fishing with a commitment to maintaining the humour in the Mad Keen brand, so we can provide you with fishing apparel and merchandise that is fun, modern, and packed full of personality. Our motto is simple: "fishing comes first".

Fishing Comes First

Mad Keen provides some fun for the truly fishing "mad".
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