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Mark Sugano

  • Psst. I got your back old fart (|:))

  • Finally have an eyeglasses. I can clearly see now and I don't have to mistakenly greet the wrong person or squint with funny faces at the person on the other side of the road ;who keeps saying hi to me.

  • (Hello po mga Kaibagan an info to share with ya ^_^) I'm a type of guy that gives some opponents a chance of winning by stepping back few steps from the starting line. In 100m sprint I once ran a 10 seconds record it's when I had a flash back of her smile(my crush). When then suddenly my blood was heated up so fast I ran .5x of my average speed. Hah the power of love? - happy late Valentines day

  • -100 m sprint- I don't care if I lose or win.. Go ahead and celebrate your victory but once I get my untreated four long years old injured ankle fixed up or no... If I turn into a beast mode I will be sipping a cup of tea at the finish line.

  • Since when the comment section was updated. It looked like people has gone back to 2008's commenting mode - 11/16/13

  • You know when your bored and you pretend your weak at strength. You wait for those big ass bullies to make a move. And then surprisingly showing them how much of a King kong gorilla you are.

  • Broked her heart without realizing it sooner...

  • Get your shoes we up for a hustle

  • Don't stop running until you get/feel a heart attack or pain haha

  • Random video coming soon!

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