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  • Yuno Gasai Intro - Super Saiyan Blue 2

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    Hey guy and welcome to the eccentric side of Youtube. Our first video just turned 2 years old and to commemorate that, I released this Super Saiyan Blue 2 Yuno Gasai intro on the day when GTA 4 - Ridiculous Moments was published.

    Link to the Drawings (https://yunotheyoshi.devian......)

    - This is video is not sponsored, but here is a shoutout to TubeBuddy channel and their website.

    Website: (

    - This seven second intro of Yuno Gasai turning into Super Saiyan Blue 2, took me like almost 4 weeks, wasn't easy but I through with it. essentially like I mentioned, It just Yuno Gasai turns ssj blue 2 or super saiyan blue 2 or whatever you want to call it, consequently ssj blue 2 is similar to ssj2 with the same mechanics but it's a superior transformation than ssj blue.

    - Aside from all the ssj blue 2/Super Saiyan Blue 2 nonsense, I always visualize of having an intro like this, but I never got around to making it, until now and it was time consuming to draw the same character on paper so many times. What I did is, I drew Yuno Gasai on the first paper and I traced over it with 7 other papers, but I changed the eyes to get an animated feel to it. Then, I took pictures of the already finished drawings on my phone and I transferred them onto my computer. Afterwards, I set up Gimp 2.8 in order to color in the drawings and let me tell you something, that alone took me 3 weeks because the paint bucket didn't exactly work the way I intended to and it was ridiculous just coloring all the blank spots with the paint brush that the paint bucket Didn't cover. After that nonsense, I exported the combined drawings into a gif and I turned the gif into a video with OBS, then I edited with Hitfilm 4 Express to add special effects. Overall, the super saiyan blue 2 Yuno Gasai intro took forever, but it was totally worth it because now I have the intro that I was always hoped &/ wanted on the channel and I love it, I hope you cuddlers adore this intro just as much as I did.

    - Yuno Gasai is one of my all time favorite anime character, as you can tell on my channel. (I watched the dub version and then the sub btw) I instantly adored the character as soon as she kissed Yuki and saved him from that 3rd dairy user, and from there the boat has sailed. The first time I discovered the show, I was listening to one of their soundtracks and that's before I even know the show. the soundtrack was called, "Filament" by Yousei Teikoku (great artist by way) and I got into the song and everything, then I saw two girls, one being all "cutesy" like and the other one being full blown blood lusted that sparked a curiosity with me, so I checked it out. Much to my dismay, Yuno Gasai wasn't the main character :C and instead it was Yukiteru Amano, I mean she was always there with Yuki for majority of the show; but, I wanted Yuno Gasai to be the star of the show and not scaredy cat Yuki. To be honest, I didn't care about the show that much because I came here mainly for Yuno and her relationship with Yuki, and don't get me wrong, she did deflect a bunch of knives with with hers and survived electrocution then got up from that; she did some crazy things in the show, but the show was still alright.

    - One of the episode got me emotional was the wedding one and when Yuki & Yuno finally became one because for so long, Yuki has avoided Yuno for all her stalking and her craziness, and to see him go with the most eccentric girl and the one that suffered the most, that one girl that needed a lot of cuddles, had to put me into tears.

    - Mirai Nikki/Future Dairy was written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno, back in Jan 26, 2006. Then the manga was adapted into an anime and aired on Oct 9, 2011. It's a Battle Royal/Hunger Games survival type of series, where 12 individuals (including Yuno Gasai and Yukiteru Amano obviously) and are given different types of dairies that can predict future . Then the 12 dairy users were introduced and set up by Deus Ex Machina (the God of Time and Space), to a survival game. Whoever wins, gets to take Deus Ex Machina place to become God and gets one wish.

    - Dragon Ball was created and illustrated by Akira Toriyama, on December 3, 1984 and was adapted into an anime on February 26, 1986. Dragon Ball is about the adventures of Goku and further onto the story, it still revolves around Goku.

    Q: Any favorite anime characters?

    - Random word: Pavlov

    - Enjoy!?$:) Show less
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