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    SMART[t] Set up as digital health company in 2017 . At smartcorzes.com . We provide a complimentary service to smart drug prescription users and non prescription study drug users . Take a free 60 minute Einstein inspired introductory course today . The long term and safe way to boost working memory , focus and motivation. Show less
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    Our public facing dedicated video channel . if you want more ... Subscibe to our developers channel . content with no home , orphaned ideas - the visual dictionary , 60 seconds to explain . There are no bad ideas only bad execution . You may beg to differ.
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  • Visual Library

    We would like your help to curate a library of video clips that define concepts in a highly visual way - sources can include videos animation cartoons . We are only looking for best practice . Concepts so well explained that having viewed them once they burn an image into the minds eye
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    See Do Listen & Review . 60 seconds [more or less] to explain is a practice . Tired of paying attention only to see everything you have learnt slip away a hour a day a week later . Tired of rambling incoherent explanations which never get to the point .Tired of making a poor first impression in interviews and presentations . Tired of running out of time in exams or meetings that go on and on .

    EXPLORATION - 60 seconds is a new way to prep study and learn . Based on the science of today not 200 years ago . Our brains are not wired up to process Visual , Kinesthetic [Actions] and Auditory information in isolation . Sequenced in the right way you deepen learning and prolong recall .

    EXECUTION - . For maybe the first time in your life you get to see what others see .You get a second chance to make a first impression . Nothing is written down . You prepare well in advance . You see and you say . You structure through lists . You learn by doing . Time frames are compressed to just 60 seconds . The only rule . The finished recording must be one continuous take . Keep it private or share it . 60 Seconds is all you have, so think about what you need to say and be concise .
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  • 2 Minute Drills

    The inspiration for the 2 minute drill came from Peter Lynch author of the multi million selling One Up on Wall street . As one of the worlds most successful fund managers he was required to buy and sell hundreds of companies. One of his key practices to prepare an out load 2 minute story about each potential investment .

    The 2 minute drills are not confined to investment. They can be about anything. 2 minute drills can be frameworks . 2 minute drills provide excellent sources material for 60 second drills . Both drills force you to engage with a subject .

    1 - when Time Is Limited you have to get the point .
    2 - Engage and Verify when you spend time organising information .
    3 - consider the Outsider perspective selling a message .
    4 - You create time . When you spend less time retrieving information you have more time for reflection . more time during exams or assessments .

    How to read people in 2 minutes is just a framework .
    It is not comprehensive . Drills stories and frameworks are starting points not destinations
    • HOW TO READ PEOPLE A 2 MINUTE FRAMEWORK - Duration: 2 minutes, 5 seconds.

      • 5 months ago
      How to read people in 2 minutes . A framework . Let's face it . Some people through no fault of their own have issues managing anxiety and stress .[PSD] . Some people see things differently . ...
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  • Podcasts

    Do you remember when albums came with cover art . Back before video killed the radio star . Each podcast in this section is supplied with a Card . Containing a single interconnected ideogram . A subject specific info-graphic designed to leave a retrievable lasting imprint .
    • Smartcorzes Podcast - Duration: 14 minutes.

      • 6 months ago
      Why is working memory the holy grail of education and training . Why are smart drugs a 6 billion dollar a year industry . Why are visual thinkers shunned inside our education system and what if an...
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    A highly visual 60 second primer to some of the worlds most influential business books
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  • Visual Metaphors

    Sometimes you just can't find the words . Sometimes the truth is so unbelievable. If you said it out load you would be ridculed . work smart .
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