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    *First Flow Rebirthing Breathwork Training Experience Video Log Documentary Trailer 02 Be More Creative by Richard Conner*


    Breathwork can be very profound. It can be physically as well emotionally and mentally. So, I’m looking forward seeing what the changes are going to be.

    I kept pushing further and further back into a back bend, but I was on the bed. My head was almost vertical, my back was arching, I was pressing into the pain within my back, but I kept breathing through it.

    I will include after the session a recording of my acceptance speech (laughs), well really my thank you speech, to kind of explain what this has meant for me in terms of my own inner work journey, how it’s made me feel in the process.

    Am I more confident? Am I more creative? Am I more flexible, physically as well as mentally, and emotionally? Do I feel more creative? I’ll have that twice (laughs). Do I feel more connected? Do I feel more present to what I’m thinking, feeling and doing?

    This sensation of going into your feelings is like, combined with the breathing, especially when we’re learning it, I talk about a toroidal - if you imagine the outside of a torus, even if you think of the surface of black hole, the surface curves in.

    I have some diagrams, where obviously if you imagine a ball gets spun around the outside and it would gradually get closer and closer in but what I find happening is, with the breathing it almost gets pulled back out to the outer rim again and then has to start breathing and going in.

    The energy starts going in and our presence to the energy and our feeling of it goes in and then goes out and then it breathes back out again rather than letting it go deep enough into surfacing the emotions and feelings which would then allow us to breathe through something that was difficult.

    I suppose this has been a three week progression and I suppose you would notice the changes more than I do. Or you might not of course. You might just think I’m the same. Same same as they say (laughs).

    But I know I feel freer and more confident and more at peace with my life and my work now, so, in some respects regardless of what you think I know how I feel (laughs)!

    Am I clearer on my path, purpose and my Real Work?

    And that’s a resounding ‘Hell yes! I am, and happy about it.’

    So, it’s a huge yes to all of those questions from my perspective and experience.

    *First Flow* by Richard Conner

    A Rebirthing Breathwork Training 21 Day Video Log Documentary Series by Richard Conner (http://www.richardjamesconn...)

    Imagine a river watercourse flowing from its mountain source to the ocean. The water will carve its route unabated with or without interference. We knowingly and unknowingly manipulate and obstruct this creative flow through our resistance to it.

    The reality of this energy flow lifecycle is to return to its mountain and ocean source. Over time despite resistance it will remove all barriers in its way.

    *Spiritual Purification With The Elements*

    If not allowed to run its course it will eventually break its banks and overflow overcoming any obstacles in its path. Allowing the breath to find its natural way through us will lead to a powerful and healing overflow of energy, insights and new realisations.

    *New Realisations And Insights Creativity*

    In this way we remove obstacles to life flow and experience the full power of the creative energy moving through us. In surrender we breathe fully no matter what we experience physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    *Join Me On A 21 Day Journey*

    I recount my rebirthing breathwork training journey experience through detailed daily video logs. Delve into the effects of accessible, yet profoundly powerful elemental spiritual purification practices.

    Explore new ways of understanding ourselves as I release suppressed emotions from my mind, body and spirit to reveal new insights and a renewed creative impulse and life urge.

    Click to find out more about First Flow a FREE Video Log Documentary by Richard Conner (www.richardjamesconner.com).



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