• CLAKE: a revolution in the way we control our motorbikes

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    From http://www.clake.com.au Clake has long been a pioneer in developing left hand rear brake systems (LHRB). In 2003 Clake put total control at the finger tips of riders with the Clake One, a revolutionary combination of clutch and rear brake using a single hand lever. Over the years, Clake products have been used by champions such as Troy Bayliss, Stephen Gall and Ross Taylor in motosports as diverse as road racing, motorcross, flat track, enduro and trials. In recent years the demand for Clake products such as the SLR, One Light Clutch, Clake 2 and the Pro Lever has taken off internationally and the company is establishing itself as a world leader in terms of how we control our motorbikes.

    Here is a brief rundown on our products to help you decide which will suit your needs best, followed by personal comments from Owen Hutchison who designed all of the Clake products.

    This reduces clutch pull by up to 75% without using extra leverage as some ‘easy pull’ clutch levers do. It provides improved clutch control for advanced techniques and rough terrain, and the reduced pull results in less arm pump, cramps and rider fatigue. The Clake One Light Clutch is great for older riders with arthritis, joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, or younger riders simply wanting improved clutch control and single finger clutch use for improved grip of the handlebars. Click here to read more about the Clake One Light Clutch.

    THE CLAKE SLR (hand-operated rear brake)
    There are many advantages to a hand-operated rear brake, such as far better braking control, braking with the right foot off the footpeg, and covering the rear brake during wheelies. The Clake SLR offers the rider an ergonomic, affordable solution to adding a hand-operated rear brake to your bike. It is specifically designed to work with a Brembo clutch master cylinder as found on most European off road bikes. Click here to read more about the Clake SLR.

    The Clake One is a single lever clutch and brake system that first applies the clutch and then the rear brake. There is an overlap between the clutch disengaging and the rear brake engaging, so ideally it is intended to complement an auto-clutch fitted to your bike – for anyone without an auto-clutch it is highly recommended you look at the Clake SLR, Clake 2 or Pro Lever systems. Click here to read more about the Clake One.

    The Clake 2 is an easy clutch with reduced pull combined with a hand-operated rear brake. It is a more versatile version of the Clake One, because it has two separate levers allowing totally independent clutch or rear brake use. It does not need to work in conjunction with an auto-clutch although some riders think this is the ultimate setup.

    The inside lever operates the clutch only, and uses our special mechanism to have a reduced pull but with no extra lever travel needed. The outer lever operates the rear brake as well as also offering the ability to simultaneously actuate the clutch via an on the fly adjuster if desired. The Clake Two is the most versatile of all the Clake products.

    If you opt for the Dual control version you can ride it just like your normal bike with one finger operating the light action clutch, but you have the ability to use you other finger to actuate the rear brake when needed. Also the rider is able to choose instantly between operating just the clutch, or the rear brake (and also clutch if desired), by simply moving their finger from lever to lever. Click here to read more about the Clake Two.

    The Pro Lever has just the one lever that first disengages the clutch the progressively applies the rear brake. The degree of overlap between the clutch and rear brake, and also the characteristics of both the clutch and rear brake, are fully adjustable via easily changeable profiled cams. The degree of rear brake can also be decreased by pushing the lever sideways – this is handy for temporarily removing any overlap of the clutch and brake in order to wheel the bike backwards or for roll starting. Click here to read more about the Clake Pro Lever. Show less
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