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    These are just video reviews of past dreams.


    Psychic Power is available to everyone who wants to work with it. The focus of psychic power is the development of one or more of the following senses: sight (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience) or touch (clairsentience). Through the development of our senses, we strengthen our connection with the universal energy that is Spirit, and to the wisdom that Spirit brings to us. We experience psychic power all the time, without realizing it. We may call it intuition – knowledge that comes to us unbidden, or we may call it that “Aha!” moment. We may just call it a “gut feeling”. It is an energy that surrounds us all the time and is easily tapped into.

    Working with our psychic power opens up our minds, our hearts, and our lives. It connects us with our creative nature, and with the power of imagination. It allows us to work directly with Spirit to find and follow our path. By enhancing our senses, we reach out to the world beyond our physical world, to the world of spirit. We learn to see and interpret things from a broader perspective.

    We learn to allow solutions to our problems to come to us, rather than having to work so hard to run after them and “make” them happen. When we open up the world of our senses, we leave behind the world of logic – which may have been acting to constrict us in the first place!

    What Is Psychic Power?

    Psychic power is the ability to know something without any logical connection or thought process. It can be a vibration that we feel; it can be a voice that we hear in our head; it can be an image that comes to us unbidden. It can come through our senses of touch, sight, or hearing, or it can come from what we call our "Sixth Sense," through our brow chakra. This is what some people term extra-sensory perception (ESP).

    Why do we want to pay attention to the messages that come to us (whether they are auditory or visual images)? Because when we do this we align ourselves with our inner self, as well as with the larger energy of Spirit. We can speak with our Spirit Guides, with Angels and Archangels, we can receive information from them unbidden, or we can ask them questions and receive answers.

    We can release the negativity from our life, and we can access our creativity and our imagination. We can take down the barriers that we have constructed through the use of logic, and see a much bigger picture of life. We can heal ourselves. Everyone and everything in the universe is connected. Every thought that we have, every action that we take, affects our world in more ways than we know. Using our psychic power allows us to feel empowered, to make informed decisions, and to take informed actions.

    Pay attention to your dreams; pay attention to the images that come to you during waking hours; pay attention to your feelings. These messages are being given to you for a reason – use them wisely. Develop them, respect them, honor them, and your life will function at a level that you have never before experienced!

    Types of Psychic Power

    Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly, and the ability to see beyond the five senses. It can be termed a “sixth” sense or an intuitive knowing. It deals with images – archetypal images – as well as colors. A clairvoyant reader is someone who is able to see auras and to detect problem areas within the Seeker’s aura.

    What can you expect from a clairvoyant psychic reading? First and foremost, you can expect an insightful reading, one that will bring you clarity, as well as life direction. You will also pinpoint opportunities for becoming an informed co-creator of your own life.

    Your reader will help you to define and set goals, brainstorm actions that you can take to meet those goals, define what brings your heart its greatest joy and bring peace and serenity into your life.

    A clairvoyant reader does this in a very special way. Their psychic gift is that of seeing beyond the five senses, through what is termed the “Third Eye” … of aligning themselves with their intuitive abilities. The chakra that is involved with this process is the sixth, or “brow” chakra. Clairvoyant readers see images connected with the Seeker and interpret their meaning. Clairvoyants access the right side of the brain in their work … the side of the brain that houses creativity and intuition. They will use this gift to look at the causes behind your present circumstances, to see how specific people and situations in your current life are affecting you, and to note the future outcome, were you to take no action https://briansprediction.com Psychic Brian Ladd @ BriansDreams.com Psychic Brian Ladd www.BriansPrediction.com Psychic Brian Ladd www.BriansPrediction.com Show less
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