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  • The Max Bernier Show - Ep. 27 LIVESTREAM Q & A may2020

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    As you know, we took last week's Livestream Q & A down to clean up the audio.
    Apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks for understanding!

    Here are the questions that were asked by the viewers:

    Curtis Sprissler
    Mr Bernier, on behalf of your supporters, what are three things we can do for you right now to move the Party forward.

    Joshua Daniels
    Would you consider joining forces again with the Conservative party and make changes there, rather than being alone without the seats?

    Peter Forsberg
    What are your three top national priorities?

    Paulo Estante
    Any plans to change the current MP election system from per riding to per vote pourcentage, because if that was how it was working the PPC would have gotten 5 seats or so on the last election?

    Ron Vaillant
    Hi Max. Since UN Agenda 2030 is the Umbrella under which all manner of UN compacts and agendas are being rolled out to the destruction of Canada, can you share from your perspective how it played out Sept. 27, 2015, when Stephen Harper and the CPC adopted it? What was your knowledge and understanding of it at the time and how knowledgeable do you think the CPC MPs are of its implications, esp. Pierre Poilievre and Michelle Rempel?

    Wes Kaminski
    What is your plan for acquiring seats in Parliament for the next election? While I admit that the last election showed decent voting levels based on the newness of the PPC, there has to be an admission that we need to gain at least a few seats in the HoC.

    Tomas Sablic Bastable
    Who do you like more: Peter MacKay or Erin O’Toole?

    The Left wing media or the Right wing media, when they start flapping they all go in the same direction, what makes you different?

    Why have we not democratically selected the people at HQ based on qualifications? Why is it a system based on despotism?

    Would the PPC consider amending the constitution to allow provinces to write their own constitution, laws and regulations? I feel like this would get support from Quebec.

    Stephen Flanagan
    Mr. Bernier I would like this country to withdraw its financial support from the World Health Organization. Does your party agree?

    Jackson Withrow
    What are your plans on dealing with the emerging threat of Chinese influence? Everyone else’s plans seem to be to lay down and take it from China.

    Where do you stand on the lockdowns and also the non sensical social distancing and masks?

    Maxime, when the PPC gets in office are you planning to increase our military spending to upgrade our outdated and failing equipment?

    Any comments on the completely undemocratic and teranycal disaster that was the OIC firearms ban on May 1st? Canadian firearm owners would love to hear what you think Mr. Bernier.

    I want to know, I really must know, Mr. Bernier, what is your favorite movie?

    Had you held a seat in the house, would you have approved the spending bill? If not, what would you have proposed in the new spending bill in order for it to have unanimous consent?

    Max, are you still planning on simply lowering your immigration to 150 000 or will you adopt a real conservative 0 immigration platform and put #Canadafirst

    What are your thoughts on universal basic income?

    Alan Tisseman
    The Conservatives are corrupt but it will be a challenge to overcome the ingrained 2 party system. Would you ever be open to some kind of merge with the Conservatives if the terms were favourable to the PPC or are the Cons too far gone at this point, in your opinion

    Alex W
    Mister Bernier, what is your advice for young Canadians maybe just out of school who are struggling to tart their lives right now?

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