• Sedona Wolf Week 2019 - Duration: 2 minutes, 28 seconds.

    • 6 days ago
    Sedona Wolf Week is fast becoming one of the largest wolf events in the country. Don't miss this amazing event.
    March 25th -30th 2019
    To learn more, visit SedonaWolfweek.org
  • Valor - Duration: 2 minutes, 51 seconds.

    • 2 weeks ago
    Valor was rescued from High Desert wolves but the people that took him where not able to care for him the way that he needed to be cared for. Today we went back and picked him up to take him to a f...
  • Hike with the pack, - Duration: 2 minutes, 18 seconds.

    • 3 weeks ago
    Along with all of the rescues, advocacy, and education we do in a year, the most important thing at Apex is the wellbeing of our rescued pack.

    We strive to give them the best lives they could ever...
  • For Roxy - Duration: 87 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
  • Mer and life - Duration: 73 seconds.

    • 6 months ago
    A few years ago Merlin was very sick, so we ask Life Ionizers if they would help. they donated one of their units and we have been giving Merlin alkalized water ever since. He gets a good healthy d...
  • Boo loves Mer, a new beginning - Duration: 3 minutes, 25 seconds.

    • 6 months ago
    Watch what happens when two Wolfdogs who did not get along for years, finally reunite.
    Merlin has a lot of fear and trust issues that can sometimes turn into aggression, because of this It's been d...
  • Your's Is the Most Important Voice! - Duration: 2 minutes, 39 seconds.

    • 7 months ago
    Apex visits Roxy's school. Roxy is one of Apex Protection Project's youth ambassadors and this year for her 10th birthday she raised $5000 for Apex. So Taboo and Kona visited Roxy's school to honor...
  • THIS IS APEX - Duration: 3 minutes, 2 seconds.

    • 8 months ago
    Who we are and what we do. This 3-minute video highlights Apex and our mission and introduces you to the Apex pack. Some of our rescues and our presentations.
  • Love - Duration: 116 seconds.

    • 11 months ago
    An uplifting and touching look at the depth of connection and love that these magnificent creatures are capable of. This is Taboo the Apex Pack Alpha female and Kona who has taken on the Beta role...
  • Sedona Wolf Week 2018 - Duration: 89 seconds.

    • 11 months ago
    Sedona Wolf Week is one of the biggest Wolf events in the US. This five-day event hosted by Poco Diablo is filled with speakers from across the country who are experts in their respective wolf fiel...
  • Sarge the rescue - Duration: 107 seconds.

    • 11 months ago
    Sarge is the gentle giant of the Apex Pack. Rescued in June 2016, he had a badly shattered back leg. It was difficult for most rescues to even think about taking him because of the enormous expense...
  • Riggs the Rescue - Duration: 2 minutes, 4 seconds.

    • 11 months ago
    Yearling Riggs is the newest addition to the Apex pack. He was seen roaming a suburban Oklahoma neighborhood at night and animal control was called. They darted him and took him immediately to a lo...
  • Sedona Wolf Week Speaker Phillip Folsom - Duration: 1 hour, 7 minutes.

    • 1 year ago
    Cultural Anthropologist and Leadership Development expert Philip Folsom focuses on one of the most powerful teams in nature: the wolf pack. Philip guides the audience through an investigation of th...
  • The Fence - Duration: 2 minutes, 33 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Thank you to everyone that gave their time and energy on such a unforgivingly hot day to build a playground for the pack. You are true heros.
  • Castiel's Rescue - Duration: 3 minutes, 8 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    In early July 2016, Apex received an urgent email request for help from a rescue colleague in Los Angeles. There was a young wolfdog in an LA shelter who needed immediate rescue. He was sick, weak,...
  • Sedona Wolf Week Promo 2017 - Duration: 74 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Join us for Sedona Wolf Week, April 20-23rd! Speakers, art, entertainment, and a benefit concert by iconic band America - all to save wolves! Hosted by Apex Protection Project and The Plan B to Sav...
  • Merlin is well - Duration: 69 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    Merlin was very sick and we thought we may loose him for a while. But after some extensive oral surgery and a long recovery time, he is better than ever. It turns out he had an abscess in his K9 to...
  • Sarge - Duration: 112 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    So many of you have reached out to help Sarge and we are unbelievably grateful, but we still need your help. This gentle giant goes in for his surgery tomorrow. Please share this video with anyone ...
  • Kona Turns 2! - Duration: 106 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    This week Kona turned 2! We got to deliver a couple of presents from his original owner who stays an active part of his life! He's also got some fun treats waiting for him. Happy Birthday, Kona! We...
  • WHAT IS APEX? - Duration: 4 minutes, 58 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    This introductory video shares the mission of Apex Protection Project from advocacy for wolves in the wild to rescue and rehabilitation to educating our future generations about the beauty of wolve...
  • Little ones - Duration: 70 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    Apex Protection Project was contacted two days ago by a good friend and rescuer Jennifer Reitman. 3 four-week-old wolfdog puppies and their mother had been taken from a backyard breeder. They were...
  • Merlin and Taboo 2 "A new love blossoms" - Duration: 2 minutes, 21 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    Taboo is the first wolfdog friend Merlin has ever had. They have only been friends for a few weeks, since Merlin moved to Apex. He is just starting to find his confidence and embracing his new lif...
  • Merlin Makes a Friend - Duration: 90 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    Merlin has always been a bit of a loner. Sometimes, like with all of us it can be hard to find the right friend for a rescued Wolfdog. But after two and a half years, today it happened. Merlin foun...
  • ILLINOIS FUR FARM RESCUE: Annie Starts a Pack Howl - Duration: 118 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    ILLINOIS FUR FARM RESCUE: After just a day of settling in, Annie starts a strong pack howl during a meditation event at Wolf Connection. Most of the time, it takes a little while for the pack to ac...
  • ILLIONOIS FUR FARM RESCUE: The Girls are Home - Duration: 4 minutes, 12 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    Illinois Fur Farm Rescue: Finally at Wolf Connection, the team releases the girls into their new temporary enclosure. Soon, they'll be moving to the new WC ranch where they will live in a beautiful...
  • ILLINOIS FUR FARM RESCUE: Update from the Road - Duration: 46 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    The Illinois Fur Farm Rescue: The girls finally start to relax on the journey home to Wolf Connection.
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