Peter Lee: Piano & Keyboards
Tom Varrall: Guitar
Peter Lee: Piano & Keyboards
Tom Varrall: Guitar
Huw Foster: Electric Bass
Alastair Thynne: Drums

& Guest Soloist Rob Cope: (Sax)

Narcissus is a new band that combines contemporary jazz with pop precision.
We play original music that aims to combine the best things about pop and jazz music; relentless groove & memorable melodies, dark harmonies, odd time signatures and interactive improvisations.
Apparent from the band name "Narcissus", and the composition titles, our music is themed around psychology, mental health, process of thought... just anything to do with the human psyche.
The band name "Narcissus" also hints about the style of the music. It's brash and unapologetic. We hear spiky, contrapuntal grooves, cascading piano runs, overdriven guitar, expressive bass fills and quantised hi-hat 16ths, all delivered with a sense of self-assurance.
"Narcisuss" was formed in 2012 in preparation for Pete's MA final recital, held at The Vortex jazz club on 29th May 2012.
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