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    Scottsdale Custom Home Builders by Peak One Builders – Veteran-Owned General Contracting Company Serving Scottsdale & Phoenix. Call (480) 481-5150 today for a free consultation.

    My name is Mike Christensen I’m the owner of Peak One Builders and today we’re here to talk to you about new home construction in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area. Oftentimes people approach us already owning a lot and asking us to incorporate a new home into that existing lot that they have, but most times people haven’t picked a lot yet or are in the process of picking a lot and ask us come in during their inspection period really to evaluate the lot and try to figure out what the costs might be, which is very important and we always recommend that people bring us in before they buy the lot. The process really stars with me coming out and doing a site evaluation of your property, figuring out what the potential cost just in site prep which, oftentimes, people get caught up in a square foot price and forget about the cost to develop the site initially just to able to start building your home. If you’ve got a hillside lot obviously that plays in a much larger cost as far as retaining walls and things of that nature. Another big factor that plays into building a new home that really needs to be discovered in the initial phase when you are trying to find a lot is; where are the utilities, how far are they from your house and what are those costs that could potentially be associated with bringing utilities to your property. Those are all very important factors that need to be part of the decision making process and determining costs.

    If you’re in search of a lot we do have lots that are available for you that may fit your needs, we also have a large resource base that can help you connect with the lot that you’re looking for, whether that’s in town, more of an urban environment, or out in the desert area which people are in love with as well. Once your lot has been selected and purchased, the next step in the overall process is really to go through a conceptual design phase for the home itself. Trying to figure out what your needs versus your wants are, how many rooms, what size square footage; and really that plays a big role in the initial design phase. A lot of times people get caught in (sic) caught up in trying to determine square footage, but really what they need really to determine is how many rooms, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms and then really scale it from there, calculating that square footage. And it really starts with simple things such as making a list of all your needs versus your wants, and then drawing some simple square diagrams that really kind of start laying out the spaces, and then from there we take it into an actual design phase where we’re building your floor plan and getting your approval and working with you on that process.

    A lot of times when people approach us initially about building a house we try to have them provide maybe some floor plans that they’ve looked at in the past, but maybe don’t like the entire floor plan and want to make some changes to that. Maybe if they got pictures of elevations of houses, designed things they’re looking for, whether it is interior or exterior, those things really can help out speed up the design process a lot.

    At Peak One Builders we often get approached by people who are looking to build a second home in Arizona and it’s very normal to work with people through that process whether they’re here in Arizona or at their home in another state or another location. We do a very good job and excel at really getting that design phase down and meeting with you, not as regularly as you would if you lived here, but we also are very successful at building that home for you while you are a distance away. And that’s really kind of what makes us special is that we’re used to dealing with people that live out of state.

    If a custom home is something that you’re looking for, we’d love for you to give us a call and get a free consultation, do a site evaluation, help you with that lot process, whatever it is that leads up to building that custom home, we’d love for you to call us at 480 481 5150 or visit our website at

    Scottsdale Custom Home Builders by Peak One Builders – Veteran-Owned General Contracting Company Serving Scottsdale & Phoenix. Call (480) 481-5150 today for a free consultation.

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