• Me, Myself and I- JASS BIANCHI

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    Me, Myself and I is an unsigned cypher video released by Jass Bianchi.

    The track was originally entitled the East Coast Cypher. A handful of unsigned East Coast rappers were asked to feature on the track, however, the verse submissions were not submitted prior to the deadline. This prompted Jass Bianchi to approach the project differently. Bianchi later wrote two additional verses- each one with different flow patterns. Each flow pattern represented the three pronouns; Me, Myself and I.

    “When I was recording the first verse, my producer heard the first verse and said that he didn’t think I could really write anything better. That was a challenge to me, so I literally stayed up to 3am writing the next two verses in my car. When I came back- he ate his words.”

    The title "Me, Myself and I" originates to the 1989 De La Soul release off of their 3 Feet High and Rising album.

    “It’s just Me, Myself- that hook is mad catchy. That’s a timeless track. The concept is also timeless.” says Jass.

    For further information and additional music, please visit www.jassbianchi.com. Me, Myself and I lyrics are posted below.


    Verse 1:// They call me Jazzy
    From the land of yellow taxis
    Doper than the coke they moving
    Out their cabbies,
    Just breathe...
    I got a team of hungry brothers
    For the money
    They call it honey smuckers
    You funny f******
    I say youse cause I learned it
    From my Grandma
    Italian from Yonkers
    Youse check the grammar
    How I’m so cocky but
    I rock a p****
    How they roll their eyes
    Oh we so proper- look G
    My wordplay is Thursday
    Got no weak ends
    How my songs is like their d*** tips Cause they leaking
    Mama said be a lady
    Never spit in public,
    But I can’t seem to stop it, why?
    I always seem to love it.
    I got cousins who are also rappers
    I was raised on this s***
    Used to f*** with Napster
    Skip school and spit with the dudes in the back of the w***, afro pick with the big doos…
    Can’t f*** with my intelligence
    I be the future, so I’m always staying relevant
    They love my style- so all these gentlemen got my flow pumpin' in their trunks
    What. What.
    Similar to elephants
    Rolling through developments where pigs are heckling with questions asking why my presence is in these settlements- where most my friends are residents.
    I dunno, maybe cause we smoke dro?
    Tryin to forget why ya’ll are questioning.
    Got so much flow, I can make a river
    I dated strippers but they never made it to my Twitter- just Facebook.
    Here’s some guidelines
    On how to get up- off the sidelines.

    Verse 2://

    After they get under me, they never can get over me.
    They call me ma because I always son em like my ovaries
    I’m swaggin…
    Oh I’m so bad and
    Known to kill flows-
    Yo I toe tag em…
    They know I’ll blow, so
    Coke wanna roll…
    Wanna go on the road?
    Open a show
    Poke some h*** in the Poconos
    I’m so offense,
    I go for my goals
    They focused on don’t
    I’m focused on I will
    They focused on sick
    I’m focused on my pills
    Might be the light skin,
    I’m writing like hyphens
    I’m a s***- when it comes to Mics,
    I ride them like bikes and
    I like it…
    Alright then…
    I’m ahead of ya like a flight in the night to Iceland
    Or like your license…
    They proceed to ask if I write this
    As if I stole someone else's life and
    How could my life be so exciting
    If you’re under the notion like no knees and don’t believe I wrote this please-
    I see ghosts and oh they make me go pee,
    But they never wrote me…

    Verse 3://

    Astonishing, I demolish it
    I probably shouldn't acknowledge it
    I’m a college kid who’s knowledge is
    Not properly being honored and
    Why do I bother with phonics
    Where I’m more Steve Jobs and s***
    I’m thinking grabbing your balls
    Should really be a scholarship
    I should be married with Harry and two kids living in suits- d***
    Am I an embarrassment?
    To this world of blonde hair heiresses?
    I should get a therapist and get off on how bad my marriage is,
    So bad that I’m putting my kid’s dolls in carriages.
    Just ignore my fate that’s predetermined
    Show the KKK how I sleep with serpents
    Show this world I’m out this world
    Before I leave this earth and-
    I’m Molly Cyrus in a pleated skirt shirtless
    Giving a lap dance to Old Werther's
    Who determines how little girls turn s*** in return for a bigger purse and
    I’m Tall Midget in return for a bigger person.
    Ya heard of JASS B?

    Recorded by Robie Rowland at ECHO STUDIOS (Boston, MA)
    Filmed and Directed by Isam Muhammad
    Produced by Otto Williams aka "Yetti Talks"
    Film location courtesy of: Man-U-iLL @ iLL INK of Danbury, CT Show less
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