• Mia LJ - Ambiguous [Official Video]

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    Song & Visual Concept : Ambiguous is my first conceptual music video. The song title's literal definition is "open to more than one interpretation ; having a double meaning." I wrote & produced this song at 16 years old, being in the midst of an experimental period centered around my sexuality, drug use, and music's overall sound design. When broken down word for word, every single lyric in the song holds direct relation to an altered state of mind triggered by two of the most notorious drugs - love & prescription pills, more specifically pain killers. The wordplay is actually quite straight forward when referencing either high. Love is a drug that alters one's state of mind similar to the way actual chemical substances do. Visually, my approach was sensual, not sexual. Hence the concentration on touch in a majority of the shots (close ups of hand / body contact). The human mind has this impulse to achieve a physical / body high rather than one that is mentally consuming. People seem to partake in intimacy and / or use drugs to reduce momentary pain or clear the mind. The sensual high triggered by sex is similar to that of prescription pain killers where it doesn't necessarily numb you, but relieves stress / pain. Drugs have the ability to control people, to completely consume the mind & determine one's actions. I wanted to stay away from depicting heavier drug use in this visual as the concept is already quite controversial.

    Contrary to the visual's perspective on drugs, I am doing my best to be open on a personal level, especially when it comes to sexuality. I'm attracted to both genders. Growing up, I never understood the concept of communities that are based around sexuality, race, religion, etc. We are HUMAN. Not gay. Not black. Not muslim. etc... HUMAN. The ultimate goal is to establish unity amongst society -- being a HUMAN community rather than an LGBT community, black community, Muslim community, modern day nazis, & all the other groupings that have came into existence. All these categorizations have built a foundation for pre-conceived ideas & discrimination. It hurts to live amongst a society where people kill each other based off of labels. JUST WRITING THAT LAST LINE WAS CONFUSING TO ME. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Furthermore, people are building self-worth based off of their communal title from White Supremacy to Black Lives Matter to PRIDE. This is segregation on a whole new level. Yet, these communities aim to stand for UNITY. I feel like the true concept behind the creation of such communities was lost in its formation. Initially, the message was "yes, this is our perspective BUT WE ARE ALL HUMAN. ACCEPT US FOR WHO WE ARE AS YOU WOULD ANY HUMAN." Witnessing a positive message evolve into what it's become has not been easy. The world is a perfect place. It is society that is not perfect. I want to change society for the better. I would HATE for the message being delivered here to be twisted along with it all. My concern is not being heard, but being understood. Otherwise, the message does not matter. As I continue to grow with the real ones (my fans), I hope to unify society without the use of titles.


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