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  • THE JESUS BOY (Book Trailer Version #2)

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    Subtitles are available for this presentation.

    Special thanks to filmmaker Lawrence Pesquera who edited this book trailer. Cinematography was handled by Francis Pesquera. And a big mention goes to Ruairi Martin, who plays Joshua Phillips, the Jesus boy.

    The novel was written as a what if scenario. What if a person, in this novel a teenager, completely surrendered to God and said yes to His will in every way possible? What would be the result for such a person?

    Joshua Phillips, in this short trailer played by actor Ruairi Martin, is the young man who says yes. But saying yes is just the beginning of his journey. Then begins time alone in prayer. And, the crucible of staying true to Him in respect to all other relationships--including when things don't go the way he expects. These are all highlighted in the novel I wrote, "The Jesus Boy."

    Please check it out on Amazon where you can get free sample chapters and check out some reviews. Please consider Goodreads, too. Available in both print or Kindle formats.

    Hope you'll begin the journey with Joshua Phillips, the one whispered to be the Jesus boy.

    If anyone would like to get in touch with Ruairi Martin for other acting gigs, please do contact me directly at I will forward any messages for him immediately. I believe he has a future being an actor. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

    Praise for "the Jesus boy":

    "'The Jesus boy' by Sean Elliot Russell gives us a wonder. This spirit-filled superhero Jesus boy presents an urban fantasy as an extension of true reality. The wondrous events ring true even though we know this is fiction. It’s clearly a teaching vehicle. But the characters portray a reality commonly lost in current churches. More than that, the characters compel us to look at ourselves—if we’ve never done that. Several times I found myself reexamining my relationship with the Lord. The whole story lifts up the love of God in the lives of believers and non-believers. Though it satisfied me deeply, I believe it is an exceptional book... Rarely do we find a book this well done with such spiritual strength. This shows us how much can be done with spirit-filled fiction." David Bergsland, Radiqx Press

    "This book reminds me of Ted Dekker's 'Blessed Child,' the highest compliment I can give a fiction title." Kristen Collier, writer of "Dreamchaser" and "Blind Faith" among numerous other novels.

    More Praise for "the Jesus boy":

    "Parts of the novel had me trembling in fear to the point of using a night-light, while other parts had me searching for a box of tissues. I could feel the gaping holes in my heart getting smaller and smaller, as God’s healing love flowed over me. You could be: a Joshua, a Lydia, a Brad, a Cary, or any of the other characters in this book." S.S., reader

    "Enjoyed. Enriched. Identified with the main character, Joshua. And a surprise ending I didn't expect!" L.P., reader

    To learn more as well as peruse free chapters, in the USA please go to:

    In UK, please go to: Show less
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