• Jack Charbonneau 2020: Political Revolution

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    I propose a Constitutional Amendment to change the way political campaigns are funded. 100% tax payer funded elections will bring into the light exactly where candidates stand. By removing the need to FUNDRAISE, debates can focus on ISSUES and not DONORS. Candidates will be chosen based on IDEAS not CONTRIBUTIONS.
    I believe, through Regular Order in the Congress and with OPEN and HONEST debate, we can create a ONE CITIZEN=ONE VOTE, OPEN and SECURE election system.

    By electing a President with an OVERWHELMING MAJORITY, we, The People, will be sending a clear message to the legislators in Washington AND Statehouses across the country. "The PEOPLE demand their voices be heard! No lobbyists, no PACs, only INDIVIDUAL contributions. Individuals, standing together, demanding a REAL change. Not the 50/50 divide that sways back and forth. And OUTSIDER who has no political ties and is not beholden to the antiquated system we have today.

    A true representative Of the People.

    End The Electoral College

    Steve Burns, "Superstrings"
    Songs for Dustmites

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