• Drake Ft. Jay-Z Pound Cake "Remix" by KRUE

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    KRUE remixs Jay-z & Drakes Pound Cake




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    It's so hard to describe how I feel inside,
    hoping everything will make since in due time,
    haven't seen my daughters face in a few months,
    and I don't know if I can give her mom what she wants,
    trying hard,
    to be the best man can,
    but its hard,
    when you don't really see the fam,
    grind hard,
    it's the only thing that feels right,
    hope my little girl remember what I look like,
    remind myself I'm doing this for me and her,
    arguments with her mom make me insecure,
    I wonder if this passion is really just addiction,
    rocked a show of a 100k still somethings missing,
    steady working, come home to an empty house,
    don't front like you don't know what i'm talking bout,
    why would I stay there when I can get work done,
    I didn't have a sliver spoon where I came from,
    the label tells me I should make more pop,
    over a year and still my single aint drop,
    reflect back now,
    who can I trust now,
    even if I could,
    I don't know how,
    Maybe I should just question the man in the mirror,
    but if he's wrong then I have to face my greatest fear,
    I put space between me and everything,
    tired of the lies,
    the false hope,
    I want something more,
    something greater,
    but it takes money to get there,
    thats not what I'm made of,
    So all I can do is hold and keep rolling,
    keep praying,
    ask God for my moment.

    and don't question this music that I make,
    this is my art,
    let me create,
    Damn right I'm steady making pop records,
    you can make the right hit,
    your life could change in one second,
    I got mouths to feed and cloths to buy,
    don't ask their needs,
    don't ask me why,
    I've been broke with no heat and no gas,
    no food,
    and no fucking bus pass,
    responsibilities surpass all my self wants,
    what would you do for a full fridge and a gold watch,
    thats what I thought,
    but you don't feel it though,
    you aint shit unless you make it on the radio,
    I slave long hours perfecting my craft,
    8 potential top tens and still not enough cash,
    kind of funny right,
    they say I sold out,
    but I need diapers,
    a new car,
    and my own house.

    Never expected to be here and not be judged,
    but half these people have no idea where I came from,
    always wish my brother was here to manage me,
    but he fell victim and passed young tragically,
    I can't dwell cause the past is the past now,
    no choice but to smash on the gas now,
    but how fast can I go before I crash now,
    15 hours of work,
    four sleep,
    I'm back now,
    It don't stop,
    it's on repeat,
    I roll with it cause my little giros gotta eat,
    needs shoes and socks up on her little feet,
    so think twice,
    cause what your hearing it is me,
    trust me right now this game is so dirty,
    surround by bullshit and shallow bitches that leave early,
    I thought I'd feel better the closer I got,
    but sometimes I feel like I'm becoming more lost,
    the further in,
    the more mandatory sacrifices,
    there's no time to forgive,
    I'm cold as arctic ices,
    see me smile on camera but you don't the stress,
    might make a little change,
    but I don't know whats next. Show less
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