• Learn How to Swim for Beginners

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    Swim Technique TV presents a 7-Day FREE videos series guide for beginners. Sign up today and learn how to swim. Here's just a sample of what's included in this FREE video series:

    Lessons #1-3
    Learn how to properly breath, kick, and push off the wall in streamline position.

    Lesson #4-6
    Master these simple drills to build a better swimming technique.

    Lesson #7
    Learn how to do a flip turn when swimming freestyle. Show less
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  • Butterfly Swimming Technique Play all

    SwimTechnique TV presents a series of short videos about butterfly swimming. Current material was presented to the viewer as an online reference and a free example in order to provide a visual explanation of how to swim butterfly.

    If you have any questions / comments / ideas about these videos, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you.
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  • Backstroke Swimming Technique Play all

    Welcome to the backstroke swimming playlist! Here you'll find some instructions on how to swim backstroke: moving arms properly in the water, kicking without bending knees, doing the right catch. Enjoy a nice collection of beautiful videos and your feedback always matters to us!
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  • Breaststroke Swimming Technique Play all

    In this playlist SwimTechnique TV shows you major elements of breaststroke swimming technique to help the viewer learn the basics of this stroke. Tips: when you swim breaststroke keep your feet out, breathe every stroke, maintain high elbow underwater, and perform pull out after each turn.
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  • Freestyle Swimming Techniqe Play all

    Freetyle is the fastest and easiest stroke to learn. However, some things might be hard to learn at first. For example, taking a breath at the right moment, doing a flip turn, and keeping your elbow high. We help swimmers and beginners to overcome those challenges by showing in these videos how to swim freestyle easy and enjoy it!
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  • Swimming Starts Play all

    Demonstration of butterfly and freestyle swimming starts.
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  • Swimming Turns Play all

    Swimming turns are very important during the race. Swimmers who perform very good kick underwater usually win the race. In this playlist, we show you basic elements of swimming turns so you could improve your swimming turns and drop some times.
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  • Synchronized Swimming Play all

    Synchronized swimming is a beautiful sport. A lot of girls switch to synchro once they learn swimming. In this playlist you will find some examples of synchronize swimming elements and figures.
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