• The Feminist Song (ft. Rucka Rucka Ali)

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    F: Yo Rucka Rucka? (Yeah) I got a question (What's up) Do you, do you consider yourself a feminist by chance?

    Rucka: Uhhhh... yeah! I'm a sincere feminist!

    F: Yeah yeah, like yeah, like I'm feminist, but I'm not like, "rape-survivor" feminist, you get me?


    I'm a feminist I'm fugly, I hate football and rugby,
    I don't shave so I'm fuzzy, I wear glasses and I'm chubby,
    Although lots of us are vegans, and boys, they are the meanest,
    We want to cut off their penises, maybe ship them to Sweden

    I fight for women's rights, though fighting I don't do any,
    I wear pants instead of panties because we're secretly trannies,
    Guys are jerks-- if you disagree then you are mansplaining,
    We are always right (right) and always angry (Grrr!)

    F: Ok first off, that shit is not true, I am not--
    Z: Ok which part?
    F: I don't want to cut off men's penises, okay?
    Z: Okay.
    F: I just wanna..... castrate them.
    Z: That's the same--
    F: So they can't make any more men, and kill....
    Z: That's the same damn thing! What the---

    We are feminists, lesbians
    All hate messy men
    Taking shots of estrogen, we're feminists!

    We're taking jokes serious
    Point blank period
    Always on our periods, we're feminists!

    VERSE 2 (Rucka Rucka Ali)

    I'm a terrorist throwin shit
    At people I don't wanna hear
    It's time to fight for freedom from ideas
    That I don't agree with
    And if I see you speaking at my university
    I'll start a fire on the campus
    You sexist fascist

    I'm a bitch with 4 degrees
    In Menstrual Culture studies
    I'd like to be referred to as a
    ARRRGGGHHH-sexual, please
    Don't hold the door for me, that's door rape
    Do you even buzzfeed?
    I'll feed my child here
    So what if he's 14

    So uh we gonna end the oppression of women or what?
    F: Uhhh yah.
    Ok so where we gonna start?
    F: ...Uhhhh
    R:H-How bout the Middle East
    F: No no, not there
    R: But women are treated like shit over there! We gotta go help 'em out
    F: Dude what are you, racist?
    R: That has never been proven!

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