• Hearthstone: Arthas Menethil Hero dialogue in 14 languages -Knights of the Frozen Throne

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    All of the "Prince Arthas Menethil" hero dialogue/sounds/emotes from Hearthstone, in 14 different languages. You unlock the "Arthas" hero (Paladin alternate hero skin) when you beat the "Lich King" in the 'Knights of the Frozen Throne' adventure, with all 9 classes.

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    Well played
    Hail, and well met
    Well met, indeed!
    Holy Light!
    A misstep
    You are past redemption!
    Evil will be PURGED!
    The battle is over You win
    For Lordaeron!
    For my father the King!
    Which path to choose
    What would Uther do
    I must act now!
    I'm almost out of cards!
    I'm out of cards!
    I have too many minions!
    I cannot do that
    My hand is full!
    I already attacked
    Give that minion a turn to ready
    That minion already attacked
    I don't have enough Mana
    I need a weapon
    I can't play that
    I can't target Stealthed minions
    That's not valid target
    A minion with Taunt is in the way
    Justice has come!
    Happy Feast of Winter Veil!
    Happy New Year!
    Light the bonfires!
    Happy New Year!
    It's good to be Arrrrrthas!

    The different languages are: English, German, Spanish, Latin American Spanish (Mexican Spanish), French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Chinese and Taiwanese (Standard Mandarin).

    Disclaimer #1: The text at the bottom of the video is NOT a translation, it is simply stating what the English language said for reference. If you know any of the 14 languages and you feel that you can contribute a good translation of what was said, then please feel free to put the translation in the comments.

    Disclaimer #2: There is no such language as "Chinese" or "Taiwanese", but Blizzard indicates the language as "zhCN" which is "Mandarin spoken in China", and "zhTW" which is "Mandarin spoken in Taiwan", so please take note of that. Show less
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