• Zoo, one of the best in the world!

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    Among the best zoos in the world is the Prague Zoo. The zoo has 12 pavilions and more than 150 expositions. Walking through its vast territory you can see about five thousand animals from different parts of our planet. Among them, rare and endangered species of both animals and birds.
    Thanks to the Prague zoo, Przewalski’s horses were saved, which in 1969 completely disappeared in their homeland in Mongolia.
    In my video I talk about the history of the zoo itself and its inhabitants.
    Prague Zoo, one of the four best zoological parks in the world, will not leave anyone indifferent visiting it. Show less
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      Спасибо за Like и Подписку на мой канал Lika Ingrid
      и на мой сайт http://zdorovnavek.ru
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      Delicious lemon pie - I share my recipe, how to cook it simply and quickly on my own, at home.
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      Inside the aquariu...
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      Спасибо за Like и Подписку на мой канал Lika Ingrid
      и на мой сайт http://zdorovnavek.ru
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    Nature is an interesting and beautiful video about nature, the seasons of the year, the beauty of nature. This is a video guide to the microcosm. Video travel to the world around us. Nature is so beautiful and amazing. These video sketches allow you to cheer up, have a good rest.
    Nature gives us invaluable fruits. It is a storehouse of herbs, useful plants. This is the source of health. And health is harmony inside and outside.
    More about this on my website http://zdorovnavek.ru
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