One Sojourner | Many Roads
One Sojourner | Many Roads

Our Journey...Our Stories

Stories matter.
Our individual and collective stories are the living and breathing reflections of us, who we were and are, as well as who we want to be. Stories are inspirational fuel. Our tales are generational fire gifted from one to the next. Yet, as the baton transitions from one wrinkled, weathered hand to youth's strength and vigor, our torch remains lit only if there are courageous tellers of tales to give sound to their own experiences and voices to the unheard or unremembered.

Community Matters.

Join the Journey!
Sharing stories while exploring life with some lessons learned and laughs along the way is the focus of my journey. If you choose to join me, I hope you find the same….and more. 

From one sojourner to another on the many roads we travel, I wish you all the best.

Many, many miles stand between here and somewhere.
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