• John Kironde Q & A Live Stream #2: Love, Success, Joy!

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    1. What would happen if we affirmed I am God 24/7?

    2. What is the most effective way to revise?

    3. How to manifest marriage with a specific person?

    4. I would love it if you would explain more about the passing thoughts.

    5. How to erase the negative manifestation that has been done. How often to do it, and how to revise?

    6. How can I experience more mystical visions?

    7. I've been doing the skin-to-skin everyday can you help me?

    8. Please explain the impress technique in detail.

    9. I'm trying to break bad habits like late night eating, and too many processed foods. it's a big battle for me. how can i use imagination to help me overcome this?

    10. John do we need to stop thinking about the desire at one stage so it can manifest?

    11. Do you have to be in meditation to revise?

    12. Is it necessary to imagine a scene with your specific person on a daily basis?

    13. I want to manifest to come study with you for a month.

    14. Can you explain revision step by step?

    15. How can I stay in the wealth vibe if I don't have money to eat?

    16. Is it possible to fly out there and study for a month?

    17. What's the most important affirmation?

    18. Should we visualize in 1st or 3rd person view?

    19. Is impressing enough to manifest anything?

    20. How to get my ex back if she is already with a new boyfriend, and even she doesn't talk to me when we see each other daily at work?

    Here is the story I read at the beginning of this video:

    I was supposed to get an envelope in the mail from my mother on Thursday with concert tickets I ordered online. On Thursday afternoon I checked the mail and there was no envelope even though the US postal service website had indicated via the tracking number that they had been delivered. Sometimes the tracking is incorrect so I checked again Saturday but still no envelope. I called the post office as well as my apartment office, and there was still no sign of it. The post office had said they were delivered to my box. I was so anxious and even dug through my trash to see if the envelope had gotten mixed in with mail advertisements I usually throw away. I was running out of time because I had a session with John but I knew it was all the same and I could just manifest them back, but it was much easier said in theory than actually applying it. Still, I used my imaginal hearing to hear the lady at my apartment office telling me over the phone that she found the envelope to give myself the sense of relief in the end result. I did it again, but this time I told my mother on the phone with a tone of relief in my voice that I found the envelope with the tickets. John only encouraged me to ‘do’ nothing but just show up for our session. Again, I intellectually knew the envelope was something we could manifest but at the same time my mind was telling me it could have been dropped and blown away by the wind or stolen. In the core of my being, despite my anxiousness and frustration, I still knew somehow that I would be at that concert. I explained to John that I use my imaginal hearing to tell my mother over the phone that I found the tickets and that I feel so much better. I even said it that way aloud to him. After our session, I was headed out and saw the mailman so I checked the box one more time imagining the envelope right inside and feeling the relief of finding it as I ran up my mailbox. There was no envelope. I started to walk up to the mailman on the other side of my complex, and as I approached him I imagined him handing me the envelope, and I felt relief. Sadly, he did not have it, and had said the GPS tracking system had tracked the barcode of the envelope to be in my mailbox; however, that was sadly not the case. I went back to my apartment to call the ticket company to report the tickets as lost and ask for a reprint. I was placed on hold before speaking to a representative, and while on hold the mailman knocked on my door with the envelope my mother had sent in his hand! In just an hour we had manifested the tickets right into my hand. I spoke with each of my parents telling them with a tone of relief in my voice that I had the tickets. All is well.

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