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    Thechikottukavu Ramachandran is one of the most worshiped elephants ever living in Kerala. Moti Prasad, who entered the swamyarchuda from Bihar on the eighth floor, is today the uninterrupted gajah of emperor. This gajotaman was born by Thechikottukavu Ramachandran, who brought the whole nation to the nation.

    Thrissur: As part of the Pooram Vilambaram ceremony, the star tusker Thechikottukavu Ramachandran opened the doors of Vadakkunnathan temple. Thousands were gathered to witness the ceremony.

    In hot festivals, one of the earliest calendars is that of Ramachandran.
    Thechikottukavu Ramachandran is the elephant of the Thechikottukavu Temple in Peramangalam in the Thrissur District of Kerala.
    Ramachandran makes this different from walking around the hamstring, horny long body, sturdy legs and pointing to the elephant. If you look at the 18 nails, the trunk and the nipple, say Ramachandran as an elephant elephant. Ramachandran's specialty is that once the rope is lifted, the head will take hold of the head.
    Raman arrives in Kerala in 1982 from Anchachantha in Bihar, through Venkidadri, an eleven agent in Thrissur. His name was Moti Prasad. Venkidadri is named Ramachandran Ganesan. It was purchased by Peramangalam Thekkikkottuku Devaswam in 1984. Bhagavathi's name was given by the name Ramachandran. Ramachandran is losing sight of one eye in the face of human suffering. Ramachandran is a gajachari in the festival of cheese.
    Ramachandran Swamy, who came from Anachaantha in Bihar and later in Thrissur Venkidadriswamy, was named Ganeshan. Peramangalam Thechikotukavu Devaswam was purchased by the elephant in 1984 and named as Ramachandran by the name of Bhagavathi. Devaswom board president MS Thakur said that only after the elephant came the Devaswom had a blessing. He said.
    Ramachandra also had a time when he was a bit calm, but he had to hear a little joke on the occasion. Since Ramakrishna is just a bit okay to the right view, Ramachandran is much worse. Bring Ramachandra to the Queen of Emeryur for the first time, and bring the second one to Santhosh Kumar and Prambi.

    Ramachandran Cherai, the elephant in Kerala, was the unqualified winner of the match.
    The 45-year-old Ramachandran Gajaraja Kesari, Gajasramrattu and Gajachabhrada have also received numerous honors.
    In our elephants there are many folks, the royals are few, and the emperors are counted on the hands. But there are only Chhatrapati. That is the only coterian of Srikkadikottu Ramachandran.
    This is the elephant's super megastar. Peramangalam Valiya, Thekkicadan,
    Sri Ramakrishnan, Ramachandran Ramachandran is the so-called ' Raman is a history.
    Any history that easily reads is easy to read. An elephant with more than 180 flowers. The size of the magnitude
    The only elephant that Jagadishvara gave to the pinnacle of the ground. By his ability to offer the pranaparampalambu Easwaran
    This Raman is a wizard who cheerfully smiles and cheer up in Anandalajari. The sun
    When Raman enters Ezhunnullippu with Thampayam Shobha, any history goes by
    This is only the true story. For hours to tilt the knees to stand up
    The elegance of the elephant has become the first theme of the elephant in Kerala. Yet Ramachandran
    No headlines have to be won, no achievements from the past, no crank
    No knives. Chhatrapati Perambalas are sacrifices, yajas and emperors
    Kerala is the only place where Puranaparambil is the only district heading to Poirapparamba
    This midday is bowed before the sun. Everything from Sri Techikottukavamma
    This Vinitha Dasan to continue his glorious journey to Pooraampambu from Jagadishwaran
    In the name of Amma and lakhs of devotees to give her health and longevity
    Wish. With prayer.

    Ramachandran is an elephant owned by Thrissur Thechikkottukavu Peramangalthu Devaswom a temple in Kerala.Ramachandran is the most valued elephant in the annual Kerala elephant procession.He is also considered the second tallest elephant in Asia. Raman is popularly called as King of Poorams and he is the super star of festivals.
    Contact : 04872211327
    Born 1964 ; Height - 316 Cm

    (Viewer discretion advised: some may find this footage disturbing)

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