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    Hi, I'm Michael Trigg. And I want to level with you straight away. This isn't for everybody.
    What I do isn't fair. Is it ethical? Absolutely. Is it fair? Definitely not. Because I give people a powerful advantage that gets them leap frogging their competition...external..AND internal. The Presenting Advantage.
    How? Well- lets look around. In an ideal world- the best person should win. The best product, the most experienced, the most strategic etc, but they rarely do. It's the WAY something is presented that creates that winning edge.
    Does that mean it can be all style and no substance? C'mon!! Of course not! But you can have the best content in the world - and blow it with poor delivery and poor train of thought.
    Let me give you 2 examples- one about as high profile as you can get - the 2nd from two of my own clients. In 2004 - Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. She's a hugely experienced politician, she has all the political connections, she's a known commodity, she's been in the White House, she's got Bill behind her, she's got the female vote - the first time a woman running for the Presidency.

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    Along comes a single term senator - with limited experience and connections. he's got a weird name - Barack Hussein Obama - he's black which is still an issue for some. And he comes along and he wins. Why? Because he gives a good speech. She can sound as if she;s nagging you - he sounds as if he's leading.
    The 2nd example is from 2 of my clients. They are both in highly competitive markets - and they would be the first to confess that they did NOT have a unique proposition. At ALL. Yet between them they won £1.9 BILLION as a direct result of putting my methods to work.
    As a senior manager,partner, director, or CEO, or entrepreneur I understand that you're often asked, sometimes at the drop of a hat, to speak to groups of people, give presentations, pitches or even talk on camera. It's these critical moments of high performance that make or break business deals and put your leadership and reputation on the line.
    Deep down you want to be rightfully respected and recognised as a speaker or someone who makes an impact. Who Inspires. Who Influences...and someone who wins business when it matters, when others can't.
    But during these defining moments, how will you measure up?
    Will you embarrass yourself and those you represent and fail to perform just when you most need to...
    ...or will you win your audience TOTALLY?
    So how do you become a bulletproof speaker that can just turn it on, at will, whatever the situation and deliver every time?
    Well first, you must get coached. And taken to the next level. Great speakers are BUILT, not born.
    Second, you must IGNORE all the same-old training often found on the shelves of your local bookstore. And even some of the presentation training you will have undoubtedly had. Most of it is taught by out-of-work actors, amateurs or at best, corporate trainers with little experience of high-stakes business communication.
    My work WILL give you the unfair advantage. That I promise.
    My clients become winning communicators. They have the Presentation / Presenting Advantage.
    Remember - just two of my clients in senior management brought in business worth £1.9BILLION by putting my methods to work in their sales presentations.No matter your current presenting experience or ability, with just a few sessions, you'll be able to present "off the cuff", with no notes for over 30 minutes like a world class speaker. We'll then continue to hone your individual style so that you earn your reputation as the "go-to-person" for any future pitch, presentation or whenever it really matters - bringing in the business. 
    This isn't for've got to want these skills. You've got to want to be a great communicator. If you're interested and open to learning new skills & want a more exciting future, a more exciting future, let's arrange a meeting. The next step is yours to take...just call the number on the screen right now or visit the website first by clicking here.
    I will make sure you have the unfair advantage - The Presentation Advantage
    I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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