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David Wall

  • One of the best bands of all time. Now hear Freddie and this Lambert. Lambert is like a bad joke. Better is the singer of Queen Extravaganza. Queen died 24th november. I understand Brian and Roger - they want to play live. Change the name in Brian Mays Band or ,,, I've got the CDs and DVDs, that's enough. Freddie forever

    Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever

    • by FM4ever
    • 7 years ago
    Budapest 1986
  • You're very very good. I've got tears in my eyes. Gibson J45 that's will be my next guitar - great sound. You've got so much feeling in your guitar playing. Mike Oldfield it's not easy to play. I take my hat off. Perhaps you will be playing some titles of Pink Floyd? Thanks.

    Ommadawn part two

    This tune is off Ommadawn Pt 2, I learnt it by slowing down an old record player, it was an L.P. so I slowed it down to 16 speed to hear it in slow motion then picked out the notes one by one, It t...
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