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  • How To Open a Lock With a Soda Can

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    How To Open a Lock With a Soda Can

    Use an aluminum soda can to open your padlocks or combination locks in the event that you have forgotten the combination or lost the key.

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    1. What you will need. You will need a can, and some scissors or a box cutter. This technique applies to several other kinds of locks, including padlocks that need a key to be opened.

    2. Cutting the can. First cut off the top and bottom of the can. Next cut a strip of metal. For this lock, cut a strip slightly wider than an inch.

    3. Now cut the strip into the "M" like shape shown in the video. It's important to make sure you round the bottom of the middle section the part circled in red in the picture. This will make it much more effective than if it's flat.

    4. Folding into a shim. Now take your "M"-shaped piece of aluminum and fold down the top. Once you've folded down the top, fold both sides upwards. You will probably need to wrap them around several times. The tool you have just created is known as a shim.

    5. Shaping the shim. To achieve the proper shape for your shim, simply place it on the shackle and gently press so that it forms to the same circular shape.

    6. Opening the lock. Once your shim is properly rounded you can slide it to the inside of the shackle's arch. Make sure you are on the side with the locking mechanism, usually the left side. Press the shackle upwards and hold it there. While holding the shackle up, work the shim down into the locking mechanism. Once the shim is as far down as it can go, pinch it and continue to press it downward towards the mechanism as you push down the shackle. After this motion is finished, the shackle should simply lift and open, just as if you had entered the combination. Opening a lock in this way will not damage the lock, but as you can see from the picture it will chew up your shim a fair bit. Shims are usually only good for one use.

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