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    TES V Skyrim Soundtrack - Secunda

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  • hey guys BIG discovery, element 115 on zombies trey arch are actually re fairing to the real element 115(ununpentium) it is an unknown element just like in the game yay now we all know what they put in ray guns and because of the dead cell reaction exposed peopleturned into zombies

  • my mistake the gas is called RADON not radium soz :p

  • so keep this in mind and tell me if you think its radium or ununpentium tell me if you want to know anything else about cod zombies and i will research it :)

  • element 115 might actually be element 115 on the periodic table which if you look it up is an unknown element and its name and formula is only temporal as it is so unknown, I've researched it and found not that much, you now might be thinking "well how can it be element 115 when you don't even know anything about it?" well isn't it obvious?! it is element 115 on the periodic table, element 115 as i like to call ray gun ammo has the same number as ununpentium "115"

  • i have a theory (small but most likely to be true) element 115 from cod zombies is either radium (real life gas) or ununpentium (unknown element just like element 115). radium: radium leaks out of rocks (like the meteor), it is radioactive(like the ray gun) and it damages cells(if you can imagine damages cells i'm sure you would see a zombie) it all points to radium but then it hit me....

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