What is the Rocket?
What is the Rocket?

The ROCKET Multi-Function Sport Dryer is a unique and innovative product designed to quickly and effectively dry excess moisture and perspiration from sporting equipment.

    A combination of heat and vented air dries most sporting equipment and clothing within 60 minutes
    The drying process significantly reduces unpleasant odors and prevents the buildup of potentially harmful bacteria
    The rapid elimination of corrosive sweat also significantly increases the lifespan of sporting equipment, keeping it like new

How does the Rocket work?

    Equipment and clothing is hung on a vertical racking system that combines aluminum support bars and S-hooks
    The racking system is enclosed within a polyurethane-lined fabric dryer bag
    The heater unit heats air inside at a constant 70 degrees Celsius (165 degrees Fahrenheit)
    A fan circulates air and vents excess moisture to quickly and gently dry equipment and clothing inside and out – even in hard to reach i
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