• Chatuchak Market : From fun to eye opening

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    Video transcription :

    - So, uh, I just found the perfect shower companion for those, uh, lonely nights…
    - Wait, wait, wait… give me my money shot!

    - Hey YouTube, today we’re going to the Chatuchak Market. It’s the weekend market just outside the center of Bangkok. It is the biggest market here. The Chatuchak Market is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 6AM to 6PM. You can find pretty much there. Basically, it’s that extra 5kg of luggage that you would take home after your trip – all from the Chatuchak Market.

    - So, we’re here! It’s really crowded, it’s super insane – kind of overwhelming , but, yeah! Apparently there’s like, over 8,000 stalls… don’t really know which way to start first. Why don’t we just go that way and see what we find!

    - So, so far all I can find is uh… useless, funny things…

    - Mmh! Coconut! It was 40Baht, for a nice young coconut – Fresh, nice and cold…

    - The one thing that I would say is, if you’re gonna spend the afternoon here, at the Chatuchak Market, make sure that you stay hydrated, bring some sunglasses, a hat –I should probably follow that advice as well- and sunscreen! The last time I was at the Chatuchak Market I got quite sick from the heat, so just be careful!

    - That’s like the happening place of Chatuchak Market! Like we said, you can find everything here! I guess that includes a great party place!

    - Can we buy a doll?
    - Uh….
    - For a weird threesome…
    - No.
    - Let’s go.

    - Mango!

    - I dont know if I’d want to eat there.
    - Yeah? Looks nice… do you think it’s vegetarian?
    - I’m gonna go with no!

    - I think we are getting into the interesting part… uh, which is, like, inside the main area – you have to go into the small back alleyways. And, I have a feeling we’re getting closer to some animals, so, let’s see!

    - Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the world’s largest dog! He’s pretty much the size of me!

    - Look, that guy’s like right in his food!

    - Ok, so, I did some research about the animals here at the Chatuchak Market –before coming- and apparently the biggest…illegal…act… here is the selling of these flying squirels. It’s becoming more and more of a problem even though they are trying to stop it. I think I read that they sell over 300 squirels every weekend. So, these poor things are… in cages… poor tiny flying squirrels!

    - What is this called?
    - Chompoo.
    - Chompoo? Chompoo! So, chompoo?
    - This is chompoo, I’ve never tried it before. It looks like a funky apple… a mix between apple – a smell of apple and a smell of nectarine. But, it’s a little harder than a nectarine. And, this is sugar… it’s spices? Then maybe I’m not gonna try it…
    - Try it!
    - Um, ok, well…ok… (coughs). No… if you don’t like spices… don’t take the sugar. The fruit is good though! A mixture between an apple and a nectarine – it’s not as sweet as a nectarine but it’s the same texture. It’s really good!

    - So, guys, if you have an aquarium at home please do not get any of these corals. They are dead, and probably taken from the sea in a harmful way. If you want to see coral, go and see them where they belong – in the ocean! Go snorkeling, go diving! I recommend you go diving!

    - If you’re scared of bird flu, I recommend you don’t come in this area, haha!

    - We, kind of, just arrived into that area where things are… well, shit’s gettin’ real - let’s be honest. You can really tell what part of the market it legitimate and what’s not. We have found, so far, four different species of endangered birds here. Most of the animals are crammed into dirty cages. I’m shocked and we’ve only just entered.

    - I dunno what to say anymore, I’m just really upset. It’s really shocking and sad to see… it’s really sad to see the conditions that these animals are in, and it’s so hard to just stand by. I mean, we were just saying that we wanna save them all – but we can’t. So, if you really need to buy a pet, if you really need to buy a pet at the Chatuchak Market, be aware of what store you’re going to… what stall… look at the conditions of the animals. Don’t go to a place that sells a bunch of different things, and that have ten animals in one small cage. Definitely don’t even go near the exotic ones – the exotic animals. Most of them at the Chatuchak Market are endangered and captured illegaly. You can tell at what point – where the market changes – where things are not as clean. Be careful. Be careful of where you buy – be careful where you spend your money.

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