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    Sorry for the glitchy webcam and noob lighting! So much has happened! SKIP TO 5:40 and find out some of the REAL details. READ MORE for more details. I hope this explains a lot about what happened to me and what I've been doing. http://www.wcjb.com/technol...

    Okay, let's clarify something. I've kept a lot quiet for years and I still keep a lot quiet just because that's how I enjoy operating. I was content and happy farming and studying for years until I decided to finally speak out on my experiences and knowledge when asked. I was compensated with a valuable YouTube MCN license for my efforts and I've used that influence on the world to take the movement of creative freedom to higher levels. Love it or hate it.

    A "talent network" is not the same as an actual, publicly official Google-licensed multi-channel network. A talent network is "technically" a multi-channel network by the basic idea that a group of channels is a multi-channel network.

    If you support me you have been supporting a massive fight against unethical companies of the likes of Machinima, Curse, BBTV, Fullscreen, Maker Studios, etc. Us YouTubers are their worst nightmare realized and many should've heeded the warnings. I worked with Google on adapting the IP policy to the real world and showed them how it's done. But, I didn't agree to give up my IP in any trade. There was no trade. My company owns certain IPs.

    To see the truth, visit these channel links and see if they have "network statistics." Then come back to TheButtonMasherz or another network channel you know and do the same. Which is a supported network and which has it taken away?

    Network statistics or not?

    https://www.youtube.com/use... - Machinima
    https://www.youtube.com/use... - Fullscreen
    https://www.youtube.com/use... - Curse "Union For Gamers"
    https://www.youtube.com/cha... - Maker Studios
    https://www.youtube.com/use... - TGN
    https://www.youtube.com/use... - Relativity Media


    This isn't a thing a channel owner can turn off. YouTube and Google turn it off because they have that legal right.

    One of the biggest things that Machinima doesn't want you to know is that I had a conversation with Machinima executive Ricky Hayberg and asked him if Machinima had permission to use Riot Games' IP for League of Legends (before the Jibber-jabber statement I worked on, when it was required to have prior written permission from a video game company to use their IP for an individual YouTuber to be able to monetize a YouTube video with their audio/visual content). He said that Machinima did have permission, but I was talking to Riot Games at the same time and they confirmed with me that they actually didn't. I took a screenshot of that and sent it to Riot Games' Former Community Lead, Christoper Wyatt, now promoted. I was also talking to Google and YouTube. That's when Riot hired the legal team to work with me on the jibber-jabber statement and finally believed me when I told them that many networks are unethical liars.

    I have been a part of Curse and BBTV myself. They are all paying for their falsehoods with the voices of many YouTubers that actually stand up. It's easy for a YouTuber to just email Google and YouTube when an MCN is lying to them or has doctored their revenue in the past. This is unethical business and should not be tolerated or out there pretending to not be as described by many YouTubers. I know other YouTubers who have been with other networks and have told me horror stories.

    I'm willing to testify as a witness, even in the supreme court. Sue me, why don't you? Because you won't. ;)

    It's up to us YouTubers to cancel contracts ourselves (call them out on breaches of contract) and go independent or join a network you can truly trust. REMEMBER, if an unlicensed network promises you high CPMs and doesn't pull through, they are tricking you. Also remember, if they say or have said at any point in time that you cannot be a YouTube partner or earn revenue without them, they are lying to you. You can be independent and earn just the same amount with Google AdSense. My legal know-how got me to where I am today. I am always willing to help any YouTuber break out of their contract. I am very good at finding all the little reasons for a valid breach of contract, even something that happened in the past that your network is trying hard to make you forget about and will assist anyone that asks it of me. Although, I can not officially give legal advice, I am willing to suggest a course of action under advisement of a suggested lawyer for YouTubers. Or, you know, you could just threaten to sue under breach of contract unless they let you go free. That scares networks the most.

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