• Asking yourself " Can I Make Money Online? "

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    How can I make money online? - A question that's been going around since the early days of the internet. There are quite a bit of ways to make money online via internet and Robo Investing is one of them.

    What Is Robo Investing? If you were to go back to the middle of the 20th century and ask the engineers, scientists and other visionaries of that time what technologies were going to change the way we lived, few people would have answered “information technology.” At that time, most people assumed better rocket propulsion, better mechanics, better machinery would permeate every aspect of our life. Instead, the opposite happened. It wasn’t what the machines did in the real, physical world that had such a huge impact, it was how fast they could process information that made all the difference.
    In the 21st century, when you ask people what’s the most important technology, no one has to think about it. Computers are the easy answer. Computers are everywhere, on our desks, on our laps, in our cars, and even in our phones or on our wrists as “smart watches.” Because of computers, information from all over the world is available everywhere, anytime, and that has made all the difference.
    This is especially true in the world of finance. Computers made it possible to “crunch,” track, process and analyze a huge amount of business information. But it also made it possible to trade and invest in a way that had never been done before. In the 20th century, if you wanted to trade on the stock market, but didn’t want to do it yourself, you had only one option; you needed to have a stockbroker on your payroll to enact trades on your behalf.
    Today, a computer can do it for you. It’s called “Robo” or “Robot” trading or investment.

    How It Works
    The important thing to understand about robot trading is that in a strictly legal sense, you are still not trading shares, commodities or currencies “by yourself.” Every legitimate trade that happens on the various stock exchanges of the world is tracked and represented by a licensed brokerage that has meet the regulatory requirements to be officially, legally recognized as allowed to trade. This means that even if you decide to take part in newer forms of investment like binary options trading, you may be making the decisions yourself, and you may even be deciding when to enact a trade, but your trade order is going through a brokerage.
    With Robo Investing, or using a “trading robot,” you use software that you fill in with the appropriate data, and then it acts on your behalf, fulfilling your requests.
    So let’s look at a simple example that shows off the benefit of using a robot trader. You are interested in the stocks of a technology company that is based in America. However, you live in Australia where there is a massive difference in the time zones between yourself, and New York, where the NASDAQ stock exchange would be open for business. In other words, the absolute best time to do trading would likely be at three or four a.m. for you. This is not feasible for most people, except those that work night shifts for their job.
    With a robot trader, however, you don’t have worry about missing out on the best windows for trading. You could instruct your robot trader to monitor the stock you are interested in, and buy it once it hits a price that you are comfortable with. Conversely, once you own the stock, if you’re interested in selling it, you can give instructions to your robot to watch the fluctuations in stock price, and once it rises to a figure you’re looking for, it will automatically sell the stock.

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