• No Repair (aka Steven and Fred) by Aaron Evans ft DJ Shag [Suicide Awareness Music Video]

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    -Video Credits-
    Directed by: Aaron Evans (@aaronevansart)
    Photography by: Aaron Evans and Matt Odum
    Vocals by: Aaron Evans
    Beat by: Dj Shag (@garyg_djshag)
    Mixed by: Howard Wulkan (@farmadelicasound)

    -About No Repair-

    Depression and suicidal thoughts have been demons I’ve faced since my late teens.
    For some time now I’ve wanted to come out more openly about the daily challenges I face.
    Mental health is a massive issue plaguing our country.
    As I see it, sharing my personal truths is the greatest asset I have, in an effort to help in our collective healing and growth.

    Several years ago, I found myself living in a small town in The Bay Area, broken. I had just lost my longest relationship in life. My grandmother had recently passed. I had shed my dreads, the world felt strange and alien.

    I was on the verge of total self destruction.

    I had turned to friends,
    I had turned to family, nothing eased my pain.

    There was a bridge, I had a plan.

    Thankfully in the 11th hour, I called The National Suicide Hotline.

    I don’t remember much about the call, I just know that the kindness of a total stranger, who took the time to listen and try to help, touched me.

    That night, I started to write Steven and Fred. (As I called it till settling on the final name of No Repair.)

    Truth of the matter, I’ve been both Steven and Fred at different points in life. I’ve seen this battle from both sides of the coin. I know that our greatest weapon to fight depression besides a better understanding of Self Love, is us all watching out for each other.
    Having each others backs.
    Checking in.
    Hanging Out.
    Sending love, just for the sake of showing you care.

    In no way does the Notional Suicide Hotline solely represents Fred. Fred is every friend, family member, fan, etc. that has ever been there for me in a moment of darkness. Which have been countless.

    Shit, as I said, many times, I myself have been Fred.

    Really, we all need to be Fred when the moment in life calls.

    And Steven. Steven’s you. Steven’s me. Steven’s an Uncle. Steven’s a Co-Worker, Daughter, Teammate. Steven’s the strongest person you know, who just lost a loved one and is riddled with grief. Or the confident soul sister you see at church, who just got laid off and doesn’t know where to turn.

    Steven’s story is never the same, but the pain is always parallel.

    Steven, can be anyone.

    So too the Freds of our world, THANK YOU for your service. Its value is immeasurable. I know it’s not always easy. But you’ll never know how large an impact you make on not life you help save, but also on the many loved ones who feel the sting on the back end of someone choosing to end their own life.

    And too Steven. I don’t know your exact pain. But I know a pain so intense, I wouldn’t wish it upon the Devil himself. I’ve sat in the darkness. I felt hope run away as if I was the plague itself. I’m been so alone, I would have swore I didn’t even have a shadow anymore.

    But somehow, I kept pushing, kept reaching out.

    And between us, I still have to do that to this very day. The struggle never stopped. But I’ve found some extra tools, picked up a few extra weapons to fight these demons. And tho everyday might not be bright and sunny, far less of my days are full of despair.

    Because I do.
    And ANYTHING I can do.
    SO CAN YOU!!!!

    Moving forward I’ll be releasing an instrumental album called:

    The Break Monsters - Go To Camp Fuck Depression.

    It’s an album to work out too. Ride bikes too. Dance under the full moon too. It’s the vibes I’ve used to help rebuild from deepest darkness I’ve ever know.

    And soon I’m going to share it with you all.

    I’m going to share my ups and downs, victories and looses, my strength and my SCARS (Which is the title of my next vocal album.)

    TOGETHER, we're gonna figure this shit out.
    TOGETHER, we’ll help each other get threw this crazy ride called life.

    All the love, from my heart to yours.

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