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    Do not overdo it! Do not force yourself into asana! In many poses of yoga joints reach the limit of their amplitude of movement. If you use force, there is a danger of damaging the cartilage tissue, ligaments, muscles, surrounding joints. Always consider the principles of physiology, instead of trying to take some posture through force. Remember the ancient Chinese proverb: "If you find it difficult to achieve your goal, you need to change not the goal, but the strategy."


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    1⃣ SLAVYOGA SYSTEM https://goo.gl/6XSvEY
    2⃣ Yoga for beginners https://goo.gl/HNxMEC
    3⃣ Yoga for advanced https://goo.gl/q4Xm7b
    4⃣ Yoga sequences https://goo.gl/fW1MBj
    5⃣ Hatha yoga asanas https://goo.gl/ixYnJL
    6⃣ Art yoga https://goo.gl/Syf9ic
    7⃣ Crazy yoga https://goo.gl/8mCzgZ
    8⃣ Yoga challenge https://goo.gl/frr6n3

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    Sometimes it happens that a person who practices yoga instead to become more alive, joyful and light every day, begin to play the role of "high-spiritual person", looking dull, criticizing others in a wrong way of life and claiming on the final comprehension of truth.

    CRAZY YOGA Playlist contains Yoga movies that destroy the habitual perception of yoga practice. It shows that yogis have a sense of humor and they are able to open a training capacity even in the extreme conditions, which require the absolute concentration and the ability to manage their body and mind behavior accurately and efficiently.

    Yoga Movies in the CRAZY YOGA playlist do not serve as a guide for self-repetition action! Without the essential fitness level, the attempts to repeat these techniques in extreme conditions can cause trauma or death!

    These Movies are as a demonstration of the possibilities of the human body and psyche during the difficult situations. You can achieve it by persistent developing of your yoga level over many years.

    Be reasonable!

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    The yoga practice is a form of understanding the potential of the human body, mind and psyche management skills. Like other kinds of art, yoga aims to awaken the sense of beauty inside the people.

    ART YOGA Playlist contains Yoga movies showing the beauty in various forms: work with the body, paintings, photography, natural phenomes, music, architecture and others.

    We sincerely hope that the ART YOGA playlist movies will bring you the real aesthetic satisfaction and open the even greater degree of love for yoga and to a high art.

    #artyoga #yoga #art
    • YOGA & STARS ⭐ SLAVYOGA - Duration: 2 minutes, 55 seconds.

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      [Μ²Μ…LΜ²Μ…][Μ²Μ…oΜ²Μ…][Μ²Μ…vΜ²Μ…][Μ²Μ…eΜ²Μ…] ❀️ ▁▂▃Thank you for the Like and subscription!▃▂▁ ❀️ [Μ²Μ…Y][Μ²Μ…o][Μ²Μ…g][Μ²Μ…a]

      Masters are not born - you can become one of them. Starting your own way from the first insec...
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    The yoga practice is an effective method of comprehensive human development. At the same time, the physical limitations of the body and the resistance of the mind, which often strives to stay in the familiar comfort zone, cause difficulties on the way of yoga practice.

    YOGA CHALLENGE playlist contains yoga movies that may motivate you for the personal practice and may remove all your doubts about the possibilities of the human body.

    High-level complex exercises in the YOGA CHALLENGE playlist will help you recharge your enthusiasm, inspirit you and make you to believe in your own strength more while you practice yoga.

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    • YOGA CHALLENGE from ⭐ SLAVYOGA - Duration: 2 minutes, 42 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      Yoga asana is not just a fixed position of the body in space, honed by long practice to perfection.

      The strong flow of internal energy, which is hidden behind all this external slowness, stabilit...
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    YOGA SEQUENCES Playlist will be very helpful for you if you are going to practice yoga at home. It includes hatha yoga sequences of different levels of complexity:

    β–ΊYOGA SEQUENCES for beginners
    β–ΊYOGA SEQUENCES for advanced
    β–ΊYOGA SEQUENCES for professional

    Clicking on this link, in the HATHA YOGA ASANAS playlist https://goo.gl/Q71IPp you can find description of a number of asanas of this complexes

    By regularly yoga practice, you do gain a beautiful, slim and well-trained body; you learn how to manage your emotional state and behavior effectively, and you also get rid of your stress and find out the deep relaxation skills.
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