• Long Live Life - Original composition

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    Last summer I had the pleasure of meeting up with some old, long lost friends from my early band days. It was such a great experience. We have all gone down different roads in life but our love of music still seems to ring true. It got me thinking how life moves so fast, and how we all want it to be longer than it really is. So I wrote this tune to commemorate this get together and all the memories and thoughts on life it brought back to me. That band was called The Square Orange so you can guess where we were coming from at the time. You will find the lyrics to this tune below. Hopefully the vocals are acceptable, but the guys who sang in that band could have done this tune justice. Thank you Dennis and Paul!

    And this tune is blues oriented, as it should be. That is where it all started with us back then. For the players out there. It is essentially in open D tuning. Although I actually tuned the whole guitar down a step and then used a capo to bring it up to open D. It just seemed to sound better that way to me. The guitar is a Republic Clarksdale Tricone. The cutaway on this guitar really let's me reach those higher octaves a lot better. And the guitar plays well and sounds good (to me). I am also using a Jet-slide slide that allows me to switch from regular fingering to slide quickly. Once again this all live, with me playing percussion with my feet and using a Voicelive2 for vocal harmonizing.

    Thanks once again for giving a listen. I hope my small music efforts bring some joy to your day. Long live life!

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    "Long Live Life"
    Copyright R. Head 2015

    One made the ladies Sing
    The other sang the blues
    Back Behind the drums
    A man who knew that groove

    These are my old friends
    Been a long long time
    Made me wonder
    Where that time went

    Where does Life Go?
    Tell me Momma
    I really need to know
    Long Live those moments
    Long live those dreams
    Don't let time vanish
    Just breathe deep and
    Long Live Life
    Long Live Life

    Small town big shots
    Out to make some noise
    Put life on the run
    Riding for the joy

    Those were good  times
    Living flower child
    Crazy believers
    Invincibles gone wild


    Older and wiser
    Want to make life roar
    Grab a new age
    Spread those wings and  soar

    Make life matter
    Play it till it screams
    Take the world on
    Just like in your teens

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