• Goodbye homosexuality - "Just tell me what to do!" - Duration: 4 minutes, 29 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    The answer to your most pressing question: "How do I overcome? I am falling down too often. Just tell me what to do!"
    More Info: http://ilivestraight.com
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  • Confession of a 23-year old gay - Duration: 5 minutes, 1 second.

    • 8 months ago
    Why stay close-minded? Challenge your
    homosexuality, challenge your old ways, challenge your thoughts and habits and you will change!
  • Doubts away! - Duration: 16 minutes.

    • 6 months ago
    Homosexuality is nothing, no-thing. Since it is not God's reality, when you obey and follow it, it gives you an illusion. The results are self-condemnation, self-accusations, rejection of God's bes...
  • What Brandon, a FORMER BISEXUAL, told Jerry: " I also have never spoken a word against gay people, if there is such a thing, which there is not. There are no gay people, only homosexual thoughts and acts..."

    I agree. Read his whole comment under this video:

    Goodbye Homosexuality: Gay chicken or free eagle? - Duration: 8 minutes, 12 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Stay on the road to victory - watch and learn how.
    More Info: http://ilivestraight.com

    Subtitles in Croatian, English.
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  • You selfish gay - porn addict, masturbator - Duration: 5 minutes.

    • 9 months ago
    Selfishness is key ingredient of homosexuality, porn watching and masturbation. Learn why and how to deal with it.
  • Gays - Manipulative Thieves - Duration: 7 minutes, 25 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Gays - Manipulative Thieves, Yes you are; you are a robber. And you are actually many more things.

    Subtitles in Croatian, English.

    More Info: http://ilivestraight.com
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  • What Hyren, FORMER HOMOSEXUAL, wrote: "i was broken hurt and bruised. a boy with a broken identity, who believed he was born homosexual. the deeper the lust and the sexual encounters, the emptier i felt. Emptier and emptier. i had no joy nor peace in my life, i had a distorted view of what love is..." Read the WHOLE comment here:

    To my haters (ex-gay haters) - Duration: 2 minutes, 10 seconds.

    • 6 months ago
    You can kick and shout, scream and growl, but it won't work.
    We are people of Love, we are people of God. We have nothing with you and you have nothing with us.

    Be who you want to be and we'll be ...
  • Kithinji blessed kiki13 comment to me:

    "+Former Gay Yes Sinisha keep living for Jesus. when i was healing of lesbianism i remember reading your book and it touched me. Jesus is good to us all. He loves us and He will carry the burdens of us all who will ask Him to help us."

    Thank you!

    You can get my free e-book at ilivestraight.com

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