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    Behind-The-Scenes video here: https://youtu.be/5Avt0mh1BYo
    Lyrics, mp3 & more at http://www.listentofi.com
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    Hi, it's Fi.
    I talk about ideas. But I'm flattered that people are interested in who I am too. Sorry in advance to my mom for cussing, but you did raise me. And my dad too. They’re chill, just don’t feed em after 9. I also have two sisters, my dog died a few years ago and I’m working on a country song for that. Colorado is home, but there’s also something comforting about going to places I’m not familiar with. I was born in the 80’s, but fortunately I don’t remember it.
    Funny thing about Clocks is it wasn't intended to be sexual at all, I think my inner freak is conspiring with my inner artist. But there is some substance to all of my work. The course of my life changes every second based on who I choose to spend it with and how I choose to act. I choose that - like it’s 100% my fault if I regret watching another cat video instead of telling someone how awesome they are. I don’t know if other people find one second that valuable, but history sounds pretty permanent to me. I think that's the best part about love, that sacrifice of time. That’s what Clocks is about.
    The music video wasn’t my idea whatsoever. I told 7&Co to make it hot, they came back with a script and maybe a week later we were filming. NUTS. The first morning on set, I’m saying early like roosters are still cranky, we started shooting bedroom scenes. But it got everyone comfortable quick, and those shots are money. Dirty. Money.
    That first day was the longest non-traumatic day of my life. 14 hours of hurry up and wait, eat like a pigeon, changing outfits, makeup and hair probably 80 times. They said we were the easiest actors to work with because we didn’t demand a bunch of stupid shit and throw fits for no reason. Yo - if you aren’t holding an Oscar when you throw that fit, seriously go play in traffic.
    The house was a B&B. Fiona, everything in that backyard shot was on point. There’s a photo of her hair & makeup on the 7&Co Instagram feed that didn’t get the attention is deserved. Props to Hannah Marklin, you’re a wizard and a poet.
    Hands down, hardest I’ve ever laughed was in the kitchen scene. About 80% of this video was improvised, there was no solid plan until about 2 minutes before action. Fiona can’t eat whipped cream, but she didn’t tell anyone for probably 5 takes, because she’s every man’s dream. So the cream is supposed to suggest something sexual obviously, and this dude Wes was hiding behind the counter with a bowl to catch the cream that Fiona spit out. By the end of the scene Wes looked like he jacked off a whale, we’re both on the counter with dairy facials, and our bodies are all sticky… it was like a crazy awkward porno.
    BTW, definitely a nip-slip in the kitchen scene. You’re welcome.
    Second day wasn’t too crazy, mostly family shots. The rest of the day I did car stunts, no big deal right? Since I’m not a professional musician I tune race cars for money, and Jiv Jav at the dyno shop offered to let us use his 500hp car in the first and last scenes (right-hand-drive Mitsubishi Evo IV from Japan). I probably stalled it 20 times like a noob.
    I think they had to slow down the film in the final scene, we were pushing 120 with the producer (Thomas) ducked in the backseat throwing polaroids out the window. Fiona was Disneyworld-excited in the passenger seat, laughing and smiling the whole time. We did about 15 takes just for fun, there's a bunch of BTS footage on that.
    That’s what I liked the most, I’d love to know what everyone else sees and thinks, or wonders.
    Ok, I know some people pronounce Fi “fee” - think semper-fi or wifi instead. Latin was the first romantic language; but it's simple, gets to the point, and even though it's a dead language we speak it every day, so it’s also a zombie language. Fi is my favorite word. Literally it’s Latin for devotion. If you really know who you are then you know what you stand for, and that's what you dedicate your life to. That's Fi as fuck. So what do I stand for… I think being normal is a handicap. You have to lie to fit into normal. At some point a person gets sick of being backed into a corner with other people’s expectations, and all of that crazy unedited realness comes out. That’s who you really are; how you do when you aren’t afraid of judgment, and you don’t have to lie to other liars about being someone else. Be devoted to the real you, give everything to passion.

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