• The Weeknd - The Hills (Black Ops 3 Zombies Parody Rap)

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    YouTube made me upload this not-as-dope version of the song. The REAL version is available at https://www.facebook.com/Th...

    Kle Shay - The Kills

    A parody song of The Hills by The Weeknd about Zombies mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

    It's been an awfully long time since I've done a NEW song about Call of Duty. I've pretty proud of the way this one turned out (for now) so if you agree, please share! You don't have to hit the like button though. That's so cliche.

    [Verse 1]
    We're in Zombie mode, he goin' slow-mo
    Puttin him on our team is such a low blow
    I'm just tryna wreck Shadows of Evil
    But you just chillin', loitering, no hobo
    All these Walkers enterin the window
    Your K/D still suffering from Down Syndrome
    Don't know where you're goin, the Giant knows
    You just keep on hidin from the Giant though

    I'm only online until half past ten
    But we'll be just fine, cause I have my Sten
    But all these Zombies gon be rushing, you're not helping
    Yo that's fucked up, come and heal me
    You're a dumb fuck, come and heal me
    Your skills pitiful, yet you laugh at mine
    I'm losing track how many rounds you've died
    You must be runnin on a touch screen, you're shitty
    Here a swarm comes, you'll be killed think
    All these corpses, are my real team, hey

    [Verse 2]
    I'mma let you know and keep it simple
    You should just go back and play Nintendo
    I just popped two livin' dead behind you
    Now you're pissin on yourself like a Flamingo
    Prayin to Allah for a Jihad
    Not even Muslim, I just hate you that bad
    Another squad of undead have awoken
    I'm hopin that they come and start a gang bang on your bitch ass

    I'm staying online until half past twelve
    I'm bout to push you where them bastards dwell
    My only object's see you running, from the Zombies
    Like a large undead tsunami
    Now they're charged up, better run, Meek, yeah
    Your K/D fallin like a NasDaq sign
    You only last long as a Snapchat, or Vine
    Oh man I love it, see them munching, all the Zombies
    Up on Black Ops, they're assaulting
    You gon Black out, like Bill Cosby's playin

    Kills will rise, my kills will rise
    While you're out of guns, you are out of guns
    Hide your eyes, yo, hide your eyes
    Cause here they come, here they...

    [Verse 3]
    Buddy tell me you're ascetic
    Denial that you're bad just implies that you're pathetic
    Somebody call the Medic, get em to a box
    Let em choose a weapon, what a shame he got a Teddy
    Yeah I got a shotty, gonna wap em like a Fetty
    Gonna aim the barrel high, watch it pop em like confetti
    Semi or a Nine, seem the Steady Aim is sturdy
    So I send em to the Morgue, and I ain't talkin but the city
    Here we go again, about bout to hit em with the *pop*
    But he hunchin in the corner, like the Prince of Notre Dame
    Shimmy Shimmy Ya, he a Prince Fatty blob
    But he feelin on himself like a prissy Peter Pan
    Makin shots rain, like Christina Millian
    Carryin this baby like the Sistine Madonna
    Standin tall, draggin balls, like a Kamehameha
    It's a Zombie calabash, and the party never stops
    What a sight to see all the bodies I'm dumping, all the bodies I'm dumping
    Thinkin what's at your feet, it's a Molotov buddy, it's a Molotov buddy
    You runnin through screamin yo "The Zombies are coming, the Zombies are coming"
    I can never be beat, yo why's your consoles still running? Why's your console still running?


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