• Joe Turone - Waterproof Backpack [AUDIO]

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    Written and Produced by Joe Turone.
    Engineered by James Stevens.

    I find that I've become an open book
    but not everybody picks one up
    so in other words I'm just weird and misunderstood
    well go figure, let's take a look at Exhibit A
    it shows participation in these games that I'm finally old enough to play
    building to destroy again then rebuild by the inches
    is a man more than a man if he can keep a door on its hinges?
    I've been searching for the key and at the thought it has me itching
    and Jigsaw's trying to tell me it's right under my eyes, he's fibbing
    he's got to be...right?
    somebody say yes
    the distance from my answer's even further with these baby steps
    and I may regret these statements that I make with exclamation marks
    as I eagerly await that speech called "I need space" to start
    but then I may depart, In my defence
    the fence has always been too high, so I waited for my sixth sense
    and plagiarised my way from A to B whilst the stakes were high
    then graduation takes its tide, alas my passion came to life
    my only fear is something else woke
    an egotistic version of myself procrastinating deteriorating health
    well never mind, cos I remain in double digits
    I'm sure we have more than enough time before I'm finished here

    but I can kick rhymes for the minute even if little to none care
    I was a fool, all my estimates were "second to none"
    swearing and thinking I could skip the bit where I became someone
    wearing clothes and shoes I couldn't fit, heck...even if a bunch
    of scary little me's got on their knees and tried to reach the sun
    I think I mentioned I could over think?
    bottom line is: I thought that I could disappear into thin air
    and I was aware of what I'd become
    note to self: beware of storytellers
    cos once they have begun telling a story
    and your concentration is afloat or sunk
    the writers of the scripts will try to cut your throat and run

    back to the land of the living,
    pans labyrinth, man on a mission
    I'm a Stan who made the decision to bite the hand he wasn't given
    I'll be a "flash in the pan" before a "blasphemous has been"
    they told me "run with the wolves or face a sporadical stampede"
    and a Plan B's what I lack
    but my humble abode's the moment
    sleep with one eye open, staring at the ferocious little omen
    known as fate, like everybody says
    "I think I have been chosen"
    when I graduate I think I might destroy a locomotive

    See I could have quit by now
    But I insist I shall succeed
    and if I fail to hit and miss
    I'm bound to get a little pissed
    ignorance is bliss and marches by the thousand
    but as long as I exist I promise this:
    in all my power, I'll take the stares and kick the chairs
    of those within my field of vision
    and if they're negative they're not considered in my decisions any more
    what am I planning? just tell me what my raps lack
    I'll take my notebook round the world in my waterproof backpack

    and I may be wrong
    but all I have is all that's saving me
    and I blame it all on time
    anxiety's fine
    because it fuels my superstitious little fire
    and I don't know where I'm headed
    all I know is that I'm gonna be fine Show less
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