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    THE SHOWSTOPPER: The Playboy Next Door - THE BACHELOR OF THE INTERNET! A REALITY SHOW ABOUT Shawn "The Showstopper" Valentino!

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    STARRING: Shawn "THE SHOWSTOPPER" Valentino!

    Episode 1 ► http://bit.ly/1LtaNxo

    Episode 2 ► http://bit.ly/1QpbBiY

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    You may have seen him on Vice, Tyra Banks, Fear Factor, Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil, The Jeff Probst show...Some may say he's conquered Television...but Now it's Shawn Valentino AKA "THE SHOWSTOPPER'S" time to conquer YOUTUBE...and THE INTERNET.

    Shawn is a bestselling self-help author of THE SHOWSTOPPER LIFESTYLE. He's traveled the globe on a quest to meet beautiful women and take pictures and experience beautiful locations, now it's his time to shine in an uninhibited dream land of the internet.

    Mixing Fantasy and reality, THE SHOWSTOPPER: The Playboy Next Door promises to deliver all your SHOWSTOPPING entertainment needs as Shawn, aka The Human Postcard aka The face that kissed a thousand lips, aka Aquaman meets 10 girls that battle it out in attemps to wrangle this mysterious international playboy.

    “Mimimize worries and maximize life experiences. Make all your fantasies come true.”

    -Shawn Valentino

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    What VICE says about THE SHOWSTOPPER:

    "Shawn Valentino is the Showstopper: a self-styled international playboy who believes he can unleash the ladykilling superhero inside all of us.

    VICE's Clive Martin travels to Amsterdam to meet the self-confessed womaniser, who laid out his mantra in the seminal romantic text, The Showstopper Lifestyle: The Man's guide to Ultra-Hot Women, Unlimited Power, and Ultimate Freedom... That Women Should Read Too!

    Shawn's bio:

    Shawn Valentino is the Founder of The Showstopper Lifestyle and author of the groundbreaking book of the same name. Shawn is an also an avid world traveler, model, relationship expert and self-help counselor. He has graduated from law school and has passed the bar exam in multiple states. He plans on practicing entertainment law in the future. Despite his many talents, he has stated that his main goal in life is to change the way the world thinks.

    "While many of my friends gave up their fantastical childhood dreams to settle down into a family and a stable job eventually, my goals in life were to date hundreds of gorgeous supermodels, visit over a hundred countries, help people around the globe, and get on People Magazines Fifty Most Beautiful People list. Although I am an adult now, I have not lost touch with the fantasies of my childhood."

    He invented the name Shawn Valentino as an homage to his personal heroes, WWE wrestler "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels and legendary silent film star Rudolph Valentino. He says he has tried to combine the flashy larger than life aura of Michaels with the exotic sex appeal of Valentino.

    Shawn has dated hundreds of women and traveled to over 40 countries, all while maintaining strong ties to his friends and family. Fascinated by his unique lifestyle, Shawn has been invited to be on numerous national television shows but prefers his writing to do the talking. He did appear on The Tyra Banks Show on her episode about Womanizers, inspired by the Britney Spears hit song. "I agreed to do the show because I wanted to convey to people that one can be perfectly happy living outside of typical social constrictions. "

    Inspired by Hugh Hefner, Shawn feels more people should follow Hefs example by living every moment to the fullest by their own terms. He wrote The Showstopper Lifestyle to be a Playboy Philosophy for a new era. Like Hefner, Shawn stresses that his lifestyle is not just about getting women, but the idea that a person should be passionate in all of their pursuits. A central theme of the book is that people should not rely on others, but that happiness should come from an inner sense of confidence.

    "Anybody can live The Showstopper Lifestyle. All it takes is an open mind and an adventurous spirit."

    Shawn Valentino is also the man of a hundred nicknames, including The Hollywood Showstopper, The One Man Revolution, The Living Dream, The Lord of the Flings, The Human Postcard, The Heartbreak Kid, The Face That Kissed One-Thousand Lips, The Lady-Killer, and The Womanizer. Each moniker describes his inner super-hero. Show less
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